News From Our Churches

I am glad to receive responses to certain news items. I am informed that “The Reformed Witness Hour has not been on WJBL-FM on Tuesday at 12:30 for a number .of years.” The same person wanted to know if the Reformed Witness Hour broadcasts over ELWA on a regular basis. ELWA is not one of the radio stations of the RWH. The tapes they receive must be the cassette-taped copy of our broadcasts that Mr. Jake Kuiper sends out every month overseas for the Reformed Witness Committee of Hope P.R.C. in Walker. Rev. Harbach has provided me some useful information concerning ELWA. “Responsible for radio station ELWA is the Sudan Interior Mission, broadcasting gospel programs in forty languages to all parts of Africa and the Middle East and offering Bible correspondence courses to a constituency of some ten thousand.” Apparently, they also appreciate our taped sermons of the RWH. May God bless this means of proclaiming His truth. 

The Evangelism Committee of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church “will begin broadcasting over station WKDC (1530 AM) in Elmhurst on March 6. This will be a fifteen-minute broadcast at 9:00 A.M. every Sunday morning, on the Fundamentals of the Reformed Faith.” Also regarding radio work, the consistory of Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church “has decided to continue the broadcast through the end of the year.” That would be over WJBL-FM (94.5), at 9 P.M., Saturday. 

I will now quote from a report on the Mission Field in Birmingham, Alabama, that Rev. VanOverloop has sent me. 

“The greatest development is seen in the spiritual life of those who faithfully attend the worship services. Together we can see ourselves grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in the knowledge of the God Who sent Him. . . . 

“Those regularly in attendance number about twenty-five. Our worship services are at 9:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. We are using the facilities of the Baptist Deaf Church. . . . 

“Two catechism classes are conducted for children. Of the fourteen who attend these two classes, six do not attend our worship services. . . . 

“. . . .Pray that the zeal of the Lord may characterize our lives and conversations. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will give us some of the sheaves He has promised.” We wholeheartedly agree with Rev. VanOverloop. 

Regarding the missionary labors of Rev. den Hartog, I quote in part from the bulletin of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Wyckoff, N.J. “Rev. den Hartog reports that the E.R.C.S. has finally had its registration as a church approved by the Singapore government. ‘. . .This will make the running of the Church go a lot smoother.’ Doon Protestant Reformed Church has asked the E.R.C.S. to consider the need for a second missionary in Singapore. The den Hartog’s also have a new address ‘by government decree’ even though they have not moved: Pacific Mansion, 16 River Valley Close #15-22, Singapore 0923. . . .” 

By the time this news appears in print, Rev. Heys will have returned to the U.S.A. after visiting Singapore. “We do not intend to come directly but to stop and visit our children in California and Colorado. . . . Imagine leaving this area at 5:30 P.M. Saturday and arriving in Los Angeles 10:10 A.M. Saturday!” Welcome home Rev. and Mrs. Heys. 

Rev. Houck has also been busy traveling. He visited the East in March and then flew out to California to work with Rev. C. Hanko in the Ripon area. They will be working for an indefinite period of time with a group of interested families. 

The following quote regarding the instruction of handicapped children in our churches was taken from the bulletin of Faith Protestant Reformed Church. “On March 16th an. interesting meeting was held at Hudsonville Church. . . . The group decided to organize a society to do this. A Committee was appointed to draw up a constitution; another committee was appointed to investigate regulations governing such a venture…. May our Covenant God bless this venture to His glory and benefit of our Covenant seed.”

Remember to attend the annual spring lecture at First Protestant Reformed Church, May 5, 8 p.m. Rev. Joostens will speak on, “The Church’s Calling in Missions.”