News From Our Churches

A couple of our churches have recently made trios from which they have called ministers. The information we have at the time of this writing is limited to the trios. Hull’s Consistory has one consisting of Rev. D. Engelsma, Rev. R. Harbach, and Rev. G. Lubbers. Doon has called one from the following: Rev. C. Hanko, Rev. J. Kortering, and Rev. M. Schipper.

It’s obvious that catechism and society seasons are drawing to a close. According to the church bulletins there’s no end of banquets and pot-lucks, league meetings and mass meetings. A couple of topics of speeches at those meetings: “As the Twig is Bent,” by Rev. Lanting at a Ladies League meeting in Edgerton; “Satan as an Angel of Light in the Latter Days,” by Rev. Veldman at a Ladies League meeting in Hudsonville; and “The Mission Program According to the Full Counsel of God,” by Rev. Lubbers at a Men’s League meeting in Southwest Church. 

Rev. Lubbers, the last missionary our churches have had, is currently, as you know, considering a call to act as missionary to Jamaica. If we can judge by his speaking engagements recently, we can only conclude that his heart is in this work. Besides the above mentioned speech, he also, on April 24, spoke about, and showed his slides on, his work in Jamaica at a Young Peoples’ Society sponsored program in Southwest; and he has given a public lecture in Oak Lawn on “The Purpose of Mission Work in the Protestant Reformed Churches.”

Because of the “seasonal rash of scheduled events relating to school and society activities,” one event had to be cancelled. A Seminary Appreciation Night was scheduled, then rescheduled, and finally dropped. Plans are to hold it at the beginning of next season.

From bulletin announcements we notice that a couple of our churches rejoice in the return of the pastor to the pulpit. One of those is Southeast, whose pastor, Rev. Schipper has been absent for some time because of illness. In their April 26 bulletin their consistory expressed gratitude to the Seminary which helped out during their emergency, and informed that congregation that Rev. Schipper planned to attend services that Sunday, and return to the pulpit for at least one service the following Sunday.

The other one is our church in Holland. It is, of course, getting Rev. Heys back after his work in Jamaica. To welcome him back, there was a program and social hour planned by the consistory for April 24, a “Welcome Home” singspiration planned by the Young People’s Society for April 26, and, last but not least, a clean yard. It seems that members of the congregation came equipped with garden tools and gave the church yard and parsonage lawn a good cleaning. There’s unmistakable warmth in all this that hardly needs to be pointed out.