The convocation exercises of the Seminary were held on September 4. Prof. R. Decker gave the inspirational address, entitled “Peace, A Sword, and our Seminary.” After the address, Prof. H. C. Hoeksema presented the students to the overflow crowd assembled there in Southwest Church. By the time he had finished, no fewer than fifteen young men (and one member of the student body was absent) had risen for the introduction. That in itself, as the Rector pointed out, in his remarks, made of this particular Convocation an historic one. He recalled that it had been but eleven years ago that our Seminary started the term with two professors and only one student. Now . . . twelve pre-seminarians and four seminarians—under three professors. And, in addition, for the first time in the history of our theological school, three young men from outside our denomination are enrolled for training in our Seminary Department, and one in the Pre-Seminary. 

After the presentation of the students, the chairman again took the floor for the closing remarks. “What,” he asked rhetorically, “do you suppose a 66 year old minister is thinking when he sees a student body of this size?” Perhaps the age marks the identity of the speaker, too, but playful witticism of that sort could only have come from . . . our Rev. H. Veldman. 

Rev. R. VanOverloop closed the meeting. Before he led in prayer, however, he made a special appeal to those in the audience to remember the professors and the students, in their private prayers and in their family devotions. For a task which has, in addition to its joys, also its problems, of which we can see, as Rev. Van Overloop mentioned, only the surface, these men are much in need of our frequent and fervent prayers. And for an institution which plays such a vital role in the life of our denomination, we do well to heed that request.