News From Our Churches

As we mentioned last time, some of our churches are engaged in church extension work which should be of general interest. Perhaps as good a way as any of passing along information concerning that of the Loveland congregation would be to quote from several of that church’s July and August bulletins. 

“Copies of the latest ‘Reformed Witness’ pamphlet are available in the bulletin rack today. They are titled, ‘The Great Apostacy,’ and are written by the pastor (Rev. D. Engelsma). If you can distribute some of these pamphlets, take extra. The Church Extension Committee plans to mail over 500 of these pamphlets in our area soon.” 

In a later bulletin we find this concerning response to that work: “One letter, from the state of Virginia, reads, in part: ‘Thank you for sending leaflet entitled The Great Apostacy—it is excellent. I am wondering if you could send 30 or more copies to make available to our people? I will be happy for you to send the pamphlets listed on page 2 of the leaflet. Please keep my name on your mailing list. Writings of this character are badly needed today in so-called evangelical churches. . . .'” 

And in a following bulletin we read this response to the response: “The Church Extension Committee needs copies of several ‘Reformed Witness’ pamphlets. They are: ‘Our Lord’s Return,’ ‘Signs of the End of the World,’ and ‘Lawlessness.’ If you have a copy of any of these, we ask you to give it to a member of the Committee. The Committee needs them to send to people who write in for them.” And, “In cooperation with our sister churches in Iowa and Minnesota, (we are) now putting out a pamphlet a month. We have stepped up the pace for the sake of a more effective witness.” 

One last line, yet: “May the Lord Christ bless our testimony to His great Name!” 

Hope Church, of Grand Rapids, has a newly formed Church Extension Committee, called the Reformed Witness Committee, which “has been meeting regularly and has made decided progress.” In an August letter to members of the congregation, this committee notes a “feeling for a need to witness and work in our own immediate area.” To that end, the intention of the committee is to engage, with the “participation of the members of the congregation,” in “as much, personal contact with people outside of our church as we possibly can.” This will begin with “a door-to-door survey in the Allendale area,” to determine whether or not “there is sufficient interest to warrant further work.” 

Speaking of Hope Church, we should mention that Rev. J. Kortering has accepted the call from the Hull congregation. This leaves two Grand Rapids churches without an undershepherd, since Rev. C. Hanks has declined the call extended to him from Southwest. 

Three more items with which to deal. And room for only one. Did you know that our Isabel, South Dakota, congregation has a new church building—or, at least, a different one? They decided to sell and remove their old church building, which “bordered on being too small, and was in need of extensive repair.” After its removal, a new basement was prepared (a basement which included, incidentally, a study-room for Rev. Moore, who was forced out of his home study-room by an enlarging family). The Roman Catholic church building of nearby Glad Valley, purchased at “a nominal cost,” was then moved onto the new foundation. 

That the proceedings were followed with much interest and anticipation is evident from a bulletin announcement that reads like this: “The footings are poured, the sewer is in. Next week ye should see the walls of the basement arise.” 

Immediately following, there was this paragraph: “More important than those walls are the walls of Zion, that God presently builds in time. Even as we look forward to the completion of our church basement walls, so with more desire should we look forward to the completion of God’s house.” The following week (appropriately, one would almost say) Rev. Moore announced that his home was blessed with two covenant additions. Twins! Making a total of seven children in the Moore family.