Along with the report of Classis West which was printed in our April issue, Rev. Engelsma sent the following informative paragraph: “On the day before Classis, a large group of ministers, elders, missionaries, professors, seminarians, and visitors participated in an Officebearers’ Conference arranged by the committee from the West, Rev. W. Bekkering and Rev. R. Cammenga. There was excellent representation from both Classis and from the Seminary. Papers were given on ‘The Textual Problem of Holy Scripture’ and on ‘The English Translation of Holy Scripture.’ These conferences are profitable inasmuch as they provide an opportunity for mutual instruction and for good fellowship around the truth of the Reformed Faith which we all love and are called to maintain. The committee is to be encouraged to work at setting up future conferences.”

We have also learned that the papers presented at the above mentioned conference will be printed in a forthcoming issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal. Standard Bearer readers who are interested in these and other excellent articles should send to the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches, 4949 Ivanrest Avenue, Grandville, MI 49418, and ask that their names be added to the mailing list.

From our calling churches we learn that Rev. Kamps has declined the call from Redlands, California; and Rev. Bekkering has declined the call from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since these declines, both Redlands and Edmonton have formed new trios from which both have called Rev. Koole of our Randolph, Wisconsin church.

After laboring in Jamaica for better than two months, Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers and Rev. and Mrs. Heys have returned to Michigan. Holland bulletins of February 7 and 14 included some interesting correspondence that Rev. Miersma received from Rev. Heys which should open our eyes just a bit to what their labors in Jamaica involved: “Almost a month of work will have gone by when you receive this letter, and intensive and exhausting (because of the heat and humidity) the work has been! When we arrived January 12 at 3:15 PM with our winter clothes, we stepped off the plane into 86 degree weather; and it has been in the high eighties every day since. Nights are sometimes cool. The humidity feels like 100% most of the time. Last Sunday I drove (on the left side of the road) to Waterworks—about 10 miles to the east—and dropped off the Lubbers. Then we two went to Cave Mt., drove half-way up on winding, twisting, steep and rough .roads, parked the car at the path to the church, and walked up a steep path with sharp rocks for 20 minutes before we got to the top where the church is. The message was well received. Going down took more time, because of the steepness and danger of turning an ankle on the rocks, as well as slipping on the wet grass and rocks. We drove down the mountain after the God of all mercy brought us safely down, picked up the Lubbers and went to the Henden House where we had our sandwich dinner in our rooms at 2 PM. At night we went to Belmont where I preached again with the Lubbers in the audience. A typical Jamaican Sabbath.” On more trivial matters (trivial, depending on how you look at it) Rev. Heys wrote: “My wife and I each got a hamburger (with nothing else) and paid $9.42 Jamaican money or $5.45 our money! Coffee is $1.50. A box of All Bran is $5.95 Jamaican money which is about $3.50 our money. ” 

Also of interest from Holland we noticed that for the Sunday evenings of January 7 and 31 the bulletin sermon titles were the same: “Draw Near to God.” Further investigation revealed that the February 7 morning sermon entitled “Trusting in God Alone” was given also on February 14, as was the evening service of February 7, “The Supreme Trial of Abraham,” preached on the evening of February 14. At first glance one might wonder how Rev. Miersma managed to get by with these sermon reruns, and then in such close proximity! Or was he testing his congregation to see if they listen? There is a good explanation for these supposed reruns, and I’m sure our Michigan readers know what it is, since many of our Michigan churches cancelled services due to a rash of weekend blizzards.