As is plain from the report which follows this news column, Classis East met on October 4. From Hope’s bulletin we read that this session of Classis was of “Particular significance to us as congregation, as our pastor-elect will be examined.” The announcement concluded with the fitting prayer “that our faithful God may sustain him and continue to bless him as he nears his long sought-after goal of undershepherd of the King of the Church.” At a worship service, led by Rev. H. Veldman, in Hope on October 5, pastor-elect Ronald J. VanOverloop was ordained into the ministry. 

Classis West met in Hull during the week of October 8. Isabel’s bulletin noted that this particular Classis “is an occasion for joy, since two young men will be examined as candidates for the ministry.” Reading further in that bulletin, we learn that “Candidate Bekkering will preach before Classis at worship services on Tuesday evening, and Candidate Kamps will preach before Classis on Wednesday morning.” The installation and ordination of Candidate Bekkering was held in Randolph on Friday evening of that same week. We can echo the words of the writer of Southeast’s bulletin, “may the Lord strengthen (them) for the awesome task He has laid upon (them).” In further news, we learn that Rev. D. Kuiper declined the call to serve as home missionary.

A couple of items from our western bulletins may be of interest. During the second week of September, the men of Doon’s congregation assembled, not in the church, but on it—to reshingle the roof. And from Isabel’s bulletin we learn that “the ladies of the church officially organized themselves into a new study group. They chose to call themselves The Dorcas Society of the Hope Protestant Reformed Church of Isabel. During the course of the year they will be studying the parables which the Lord spake and taught the people.”