At the installation of now Rev. W. Bekkering, Rev. R. Decker read the Form and Prof. H.C. Hoeksema led the service. After the service a lunch was served in the church basement. In Randolph’s bulletin of the following Sabbath, Rev. Bekkering and family expressed thanks to “the congregation for all the kindness shown them in the past few weeks, the improvements made in the parsonage, the food shower, and the fine lunch the ladies served Friday night.” Even from this distance, the mutual joy and satisfaction experienced in that congregation is, I think, readily discernible from a couple of bulletin announcements.

Those of you who receive the “Studies in Bible Doctrine” from the Lynden congregation have no doubt noticed, on the back side of the most recent issue, the invitation to “listen to our new radio program, ‘Christian Dialogue.'” The notice went on to explain that “this is an open line discussion program with live response from the audience by means of the telephone. 9:30 P.M. every Saturday evening on KARI radio, AM, Blaine, Washington.”