It’s evident from information found in church bulletins received during the past couple of weeks, that many of our churches were actively involved in the commemoration of Reformation Day. We find the following, for example, in the October 29 bulletin of Southwest: “Rev. Veldman has received the consent of the Consistory to administer the Word to the Congregation at Pella today. He will deliver a Reformation Day speech Tuesday evening in the Pella area.” 

From a couple of Hull bulletins we can learn of further activities of our western churches. “The Reformed Witness Committee,” according to one of those bulletins, made “plans to sponsor a Reformation Day lecture in each of the local congregations. Rev. Lanting will speak in Edgerton, Monday, October 30, Rev. Moore in Doon, Tuesday, October 31, and Rev. Kortering, Wednesday, November 1, in Hull.” The topics of the lectures, according to another bulletin announcement, were as follows: ‘”Faith of our Fathers,” by Rev. Lanting; “Scriptural Basis of the Reformation,” by Rev. Moore; and “Reformation Today,” by Rev. Kortering. Hull’s congregation was encouraged to “help promote the lecture in our area by distributing the invitation cards available in the bulletin rack. These can be handed out or sent through the mail to anyone you think might be interested in attending.” 

From Isabel, South Dakota, comes word that “the congregation and the public (were) invited to attend a public lecture by (Rev. Miersma) discussing the ‘Reformation and its significance for us as Protestant Reformed churches.'” 

And, still further west, the Church Extension Committee of Loveland Protestant Reformed Church sponsored a public, Reformation Day lecture in the Denver Christian High School Gym. Rev. Engelsma spoke on “The Importance of the Preaching of God’s Word.” Advance work for this lecture included the following, according to an early October Loveland bulletin: “The plans of our Church Extension Committee for a Reformation Day lecture in Denver include calling on persons living in Denver with whom we have had some contact. If you, know of someone whom we may contact personally, please give his name to our (committee) soon.” 

Then, from our eastern churches, we learn that the Men’s Society of our South Holland congregation sponsored a public lecture held on November 10. The lecturer was Rev. D. Engelsma, who spoke on the subject “How does the Protestant church of today stand in relation to the church and doctrine of the Reformation Era?” 

The lecture in the Grand Rapids area was held, as usual, in First Church. As part of the program presented at that time, the choir of our own Covenant Christian High School, under the direction of Mr. Roland Petersen, sang “Holy is the Almighty,” and “Sing Unto God.” The lecture, on “Holy Scripture—Wholly Divine,” was delivered by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema. According to a note in the printed program, a tape recording of the lecture has been made available for a nominal sum. Further, free literature was displayed on a table in the foyer on the evening of the lecture. 

A couple of quotes from the message on the above-mentioned printed program might be appropriate in this connection. The Protestant Reformed Churches in America, it was pointed out, “are approaching the fiftieth year of their existence, and still hew the line of the truth expressed by the fathers of the Reformation of the sixteenth century. This they do both in preaching and in practice. 

“Our reference to antiquity is simply to remind you that biblical concepts believed and expressed by the Reformers are, according to our conviction, the sole basis for the right of existence of any church which purports to be Reformed . . . 

“It is our prayer that God will call His people who have strayed from this foundation back to the old paths, and to a firm resolve that the ancient landmarks never be removed.”

Permit me one more yet—this one a line from John Calvin’s The Necessity of Reforming the Church, quoted in “Thoughts for Contemplation,” of Loveland’s bulletin: “There is nothing in which all men ought to feel a deeper interest, nothing in which God wishes us to exhibit a more intense zeal, than in endeavoring that the glory of His name may remain unimpaired, His kingdom be advanced, and the pure; doctrine, which alone can guide us to true worship,, flourish in full vigor.”

The worthwhile news yet before me is sufficient to fill at least another complete column. It will have to: wait, of course, but there’s one item which we cannot pass by. From Mr. Vander Wal, the following: 

“The business manager of our Standard Bearer is ‘hunting’ again! Last time reported, he was hunting for a subscriber in Hawaii. Well, we got one. The time before, one in Alaska. We got three! This hunting trip is aimed at the state of Utah. At present our paper is not sent to any resident of that state. Any reader of The Standard Bearer who submits a name and address of a resident in the state of Utah, is promised that the name submitted will receive a three-month free subscription.

“Westward Ho!”