News From Our Churches

Rev. Ronald Van Overloop is considering a call extended to him by the congregation of our church in South Holland, Illinois, to be a missionary in Birmingham, Alabama. Rev. Van Overloop is the pastor of our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan. He spent several months last year as “minister on loan” to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Christchurch, New Zealand. 

The mission station formerly located in Charlotte, Michigan, has been transferred to East Lansing. Meetings are held in the Seventh Day Adventist Church in that city. This work was begun in January of this year under the supervision of our Kalamazoo Church. It has been reported that seven families regularly attend the services. The change in meeting place will allow for a greater growth potential and is a more central location for those in attendance. 

Rev. David Engelsma, pastor of our church in South Holland is considering calls from Southeast Church in Grand Rapids and from Hull, Iowa. 

Classis West was scheduled to meet in special session the first week of May in Loveland, Colorado. 

The consistory of our church in Isabel, South Dakota, has recently made a change in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper in that the congregation now recites the Lord’s Prayer in unison at the conclusion of the sacrament. 

Another milestone has been attained. For the first time in three and one-half years, a bulletin has been received from our church in Doon, Iowa. Probably only one-half credit should be given though, as the bulletin was received through the good offices of a Western correspondent for this column who happened to be traveling through the Doon area. The Doon bulletin reported that a special congregation meeting was scheduled for February 19 to consider a proposal to raise the pastor’s salary. Also, the Doon Young People’s Society was to sponsor a Request Program on March 11. (The Young People of First Church in Grand- Rapids are scheduling a similar program on May 23.) After receiving a bulletin from Doon, only Kalamazoo remains to be heard from. . . . 

In many of our churches, the Sunday School is concluding the current session. The Sunday School in First Church in Grand Rapids ended the year with a written test on the twenty lessons which the students studied during the year. On the following Sunday, April 8, the students had opportunity to recite the verses which constituted their optional memory work for the year. 

The Young People of First Church presented a JAMAICA program in. Southeast Church on March 15, in Faith Church on April 12, and in Hudsonville on April 18. The program featured pictures by Mr. C. Prince, and Jamaican music performed with guitar by the young people. Refreshments followed the program. Mr. Prince brought his slides to South Holland on April 20. 

The Church Extension Committee of our congregation in Loveland, Colorado, recently mailed 450 copies of a pamphlet entitled, “Disciples Establish The Church,” by Rev. Marvin Kamps. 

The Men’s and Ladies’ Societies of our church in Redlands, California, scheduled some interesting discussion topics this spring. They included: “Life After Death,” “Under What Circumstances Should Our Protestant Reformed Ministers Be Permitted To Preach in Denominations Other Than Our Own,” and “What Guidelines Should’ Our Ministers Follow When Preaching in Other Churches.” The Redlands Young People’s Society invited the congregation to an informational meeting regarding the ’79 PRYP Convention which Redlands is sponsoring on March 12. Slides of the Pine Summit Camp where the convention is to be held were shown and the convention steering committee gave the details of their plans completed to date. 

The Sunday School Teacher’s Mass Meeting was scheduled for May 7, in our church in Holland, Michigan. Mr. Fred Hanko was the scheduled speaker. 

The Mr. & Mrs. League Meeting was scheduled for May 8 in First Church. Rev. David Engelsma was to speak on “Remembering the Lord’s Day.”