Hull Protestant Reformed Church has made a change in the conclusion of their worship service. “After the singing of the last Psalter number will follow the pronouncement of the benediction and then the singing of the closing doxology. While the doxology is being sung, the pastor will come to the consistory’s bench, shake hands with the consistory members, the elders filing to the back of church, the deacons to the front. The consistory introduces this change for the following reasons: 1) This makes the significance of the hand-shaking ceremony more prominent in the worship service; 2) This will give the pastor and elders more opportunity to greet any visitors, 3) This will better enable the elders to supervise attendance at the worship services.”‘

Covenant Protestant Reformed Church of Wyckoff, New Jersey, has changed its collection schedule. “At the last Consistory meeting the Consistory decided to change the collection schedule adding a second Benevolent Fund collection every month (on the evening of the fourth Sunday of each month), and adding a collection for one of our Protestant Reformed Schools. The grounds for the second matter are (1) Lord’s Day XXXVIII which speaks of the support of the schools as part of our Sabbath duties and (2) in light of future responsibilities of our own this will accustom us to support Christian education. 

The Council of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church “has granted the request” of “several families on the West side of Chicago. . .to send the pastor to meet with them on a regular basis to lead them in the study of the Word.” Rev. Engelsma will meet with them at least twice a month. 

In South Holland’s April 24th bulletin, this announcement appeared: “Remember to spread the word about our Spring Lecture. On Monday, May 16, Rev. S. Houck will speak on ‘The History of the King James Bible.'” 

From Covenant’s bulletin of April 24th, there’s this: “Rev. Hanko has written that there have been seven people at the worship service last Sunday and a few more at the Bible Classes that are being conducted. Letters have been sent out to others who might be interested informing them of both the Bible Classes and the worship services (in Ripon, California, D.H.) The group that is now meeting together hoped to begin worshipping in a Congregational Church this Sunday. May God bless these labors.” 

Rev. C. Hanko’s address is 25956 South Austin, Ripon, CA 95366; phone: 209-599-4757.

Southeast Protestant Reformed Church has a good use for back issues of Standard Bearers. “The Evangelism Society asks the congregation to save your back issues of the Standard Bearer so that they may be distributed to area rest homes. A box will be in the kitchen for your donations.” Perhaps other of our people can contribute to this worthwhile endeavor. 

Loveland Protestant Reformed Church is planning their Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. If you have old pictures of the church or slides that you would be willing to lend, please give them to Robert Brands. They will be returned. Maybe someone could supply me Mr. Brand’s address. 

According to Covenant’s bulletin of April 24th, “sixteen families from the Byron Center, Michigan area (south of Grand Rapids) are asking Classis East to be organized as a new congregation.” 

Keep in mind June 15, 16, 17, and 18 for the Protestant Reformed Mission Emphasis Week that will include speeches, panels, discussions, and activities. 

The Reformed Witness Hour is broadcasting on a new station in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The call letters are WCKK. The program is also heard over WKPR in Kalamazoo. The Reformed Witness Hour has also begun printing four sermons per booklet. These changes mentioned, plus the increase in broadcast rates, mean that your support is urgently needed so that the Reformed Witness Hour may continue to broadcast God’s Word over the airwaves. Let us continue to remember this cause of God’s kingdom in prayer and offerings.