News From Our Churches

Classis Report In the little remaining space . . . two short items, gleaned from bulletins: 

Two of our congregations, apparently, are planning building projects. Hope Church in Grand Rapids has announced its intention to sell the, present parsonage, with a view to building a new one. And the December 24 bulletin from Randolph indicated that, at a recent congregational meeting, “the proposed plan for the new church building was accepted.” 

And, from a Grand Rapids First Church bulletin, this: “An interesting bit of news comes from our Radio Committee. It reads as follows: ‘The printed copies of our Radio Sermons are mailed to many people throughout the entire world. But you can imagine the surprise of the committee when a request was received recently for printed copies to be sent to a crewman aboard the U.S.S. Ticonderoga on the Pacific Ocean! Needless to say, the copies plus other Prot. Ref. literature was sent to the seaman aboard that aircraft carrier. Amazing indeed are the ways of our Lord to broadcast the truth of His Word!'”