News From Our Churches

We understand that Seminarians VanOverloop and Kamps share the task of giving catechism instruction at Hudsonville Church. That arrangement, though, is likely only temporary, since Hudsonville is looking forward to the arrival, in the near future, of Rev. C. Hanko. October 17 is the scheduled date for Rev. Hanko’s Farewell Sermon in Redlands, and October 31 for his installation in Hudsonville.

Hope Church (Grand Rapids) is also dependent on “outside” help for catechism instruction of the youth of the church. According to a September bulletin, the consistory “is grateful for the services of Rev. Veldman, and Seminarians Bekkering, Slopsema, and Hoeksema as teachers.” Hope Church is, no doubt, hopeful that this is also a temporary arrangement. They have extended their most recent call to Rev. G. Van Baren, who is, incidentally, also considering the call from our church in Randolph, Wisconsin. 

The following, from the September 12 bulletin of First Church, is, no doubt, of interest. “We bid farewell to Rev. and Mrs. R. Miersma who expect to be leaving Grand Rapids this week Wednesday for their new home at Isabel, South Dakota. We wish them God’s richest blessings and guidance in this new field of labor.” We are certain, Rev. Miersma, that that’s the sentiment not only of First Church in Grand Rapids, but of all of our Protestant Reformed Churches.

We have some information concerning church extension efforts that is also worth mentioning. You recall, certainly, that there is a regular Sunday afternoon radio broadcast of one of the church services of our South Holland congregation. Efforts there are not limited, however, to simply making the necessary arrangements for the broadcast. The Church Extension Committee, by means of a bulletin announcement, reminded members of the congregation “that there are leaflets announcing our radio broadcast in the pamphlet rack. Take them and distribute them among your friends.” 

And, looking elsewhere, it seems that the work of The Reformed Witness Committee of Doon, Edgerton, and Hull is proceeding on schedule. According to an April news sheet of that committee, plans were “to print and distribute approximately 1500 pamphlets per month in this general area. The committee is also supplying other churches with a like number of pamphlets at their own expense. A series of three articles is planned for distribution this summer. They are to be written by Rev. Kortering on the topics of the resurrection, judgment, and the eternal state.” A July bulletin of Hull Church noted that a pamphlet entitled “The Resurrection of the Saints” was available in the pamphlet rack, and that work had already been done to supply those on the mailing list. Previous pamphlets included several on millennialism by Rev. D. Kuiper. Loveland Church acquired a quantity of these, and the members of that congregation were encouraged to “take all the extra copies that you can distribute to neighbors and acquaintances.” It’s very evident that these small western congregations are actively interested in church extension work.

Just as the end of the school and society season is accompanied by a host of programs of one sort or another, so is also the beginning of the season. Convocation exercises, for example, were held in most of our schools. In Loveland, Rev. Engelsma spoke on “Christ’s Lordship over Every Thought.” In South Holland, Rev. Decker spoke at convocation exercises which were held in the church on the evening of September 7, the day prior to the commencement of the school year. And Rev. Harbach spoke at Covenant’s beginning-of-the-year program. 

The Annual Meeting of the RFPA was held on September 30 in First Church. Those who looked for an interesting speech by Mr. Jon Huisken were not disappointed. He spoke on the topic, “The Standard Bearer for the Next Generation.” 

Seminarian Ron VanOverloop spoke on “Moses as a Type” at the Sunday School Teachers’ Mass Meeting held in our Hudsonville Church. This meeting marked, for some of those present, the commencement of the Sunday School season, and for others, a conclusion of the same. Southwest, for example, has a summer Sunday School. On September 26, after the morning service in that church, there was a “Sunday School Hour,” during which awards were presented and Rev. Veldman gave a short address.

According to various of our church bulletins in Grand Rapids, the Adams Street P.T.A. held “its first meeting of the new school year on September 30. Miss Carol DeJong, a new member of the faculty, will speak on: ‘God’s Institutional Hierarchy of Authority.’ Her topic warrants our attendance in these days when so many flaunt God-given authority.” Her presentation, by the, way, was the fruit of work that she had done for and in a summer workshop-m social studies, which was attended by a number of our Protestant Reformed school teachers. We intended to give a little information concerning that workshop, but somehow or other we’ve reached the bottom of the column again. In fact, we’re probably already off the page. Sorry about that, Mr. Editor.