Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Young People’s Activities

The young people from our churches in west Michigan were invited to this year’s annual Young People’s Thanksgiving Mass Meeting held Sunday afternoon, November 9, at the Byron Center, MI PRC. Rev. Ron VanOverloop spoke on the last part of Psalm 69:30, with the theme: “Magnify the Lord with Thanksgiving.” Rev. VanOverloop reminded the young people that we can never magnify God more than what He is, and that we must magnify Him, seeing Him as big, and ourselves and our troubles as small. Rev. VanOverloop also encouraged the young people to keep in mind all the spiritual and material gifts and benefits God has given them and that our seeing God as a gracious Giver of these things magnifies Him. The Young People’s Society of Byron Center sang as the special number for the meeting.

The Young People’s Society of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI held their annual Christian Service Day on Saturday, November 22. Plans called for the young people to gather at Grace mid-morning and from there travel to various homes of church members to rake leaves, clean, or do minor yard work, etc.

On a cold late fall evening, what could be better than a bowl of hot-potato, or chicken-noodle, or pea, or tomato, or broccoli-cheese soup to warm one up? Well, that might have been the thinking of the young people of the Randolph, WI PRC when they sponsored a soup supper on November 11. They offered not one or two varieties of soup, but five different soups, in addition to BBQ’d beef and creamed-chicken sandwiches. If that wasn’t enough, and if you still had room left, you could finish up with dessert.

Congregation Activities

The Immanuel Ladies Guild of the Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB, Canada sponsored a ladies lecture and luncheon on November 5. Their pastor, Rev. Richard Smit, spoke on
James 1:27. Coffee was ready by 10:00, with the lecture starting at 10:30 and lunch following.

The Covenant Ladies Circle of First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada sponsored their annual Car Rally and Soup Supper on Remembrance Day, November 11. The rally began at noon, with the soup supper beginning after the rally at about 3-4 p.m.

Members of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC were invited to a combination potluck dinner and hayride on November 7 at the home of one of Kalamazoo’s members.

The Men’s Bible Society of Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI invited their fellow church members to a special meeting on November 5 to hear Prof. Barry Gritters speak on and answer questions about “The History of PRC Missions: An Evaluation and Critique.”

Rev. Ron VanOverloop preached his farewell sermon in the Byron Center, MI PRC on Sunday evening, November 16. Rev. VanOverloop chose to preach from Romans 16:24 under the theme, “Grace Be with You.” Immediately after that service, Byron Center had a brief farewell program for the VanOverloops, after which there was a time of fellowship and opportunity to express thanks and bid farewell to the VanOverloop family for their faithful ministry over the past 4 1/2 years. Rev. VanOverloop was installed as pastor of Grace PRC in Standale, MI, on Sunday morning, November 23. The VanOverloops will probably remain in Byron Center’s parsonage through the end of 2008, as the parsonage at Grace is made ready for them to move into.

Members of the Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI met together on November 18 for their annual congregational meeting. After that meeting adjourned, the members were encouraged to stay for a while and informally discuss with their Building Committee what direction they, as a church, should go with regard to (especially) a parsonage and church location.

The retired members of the Byron Center, MI PRC were invited to the annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 5, hosted by the children of Byron’s Children Activity Night group.

Mission Activities

Our churches’ Domestic Mission Committee sent a delegation to the Sioux Falls Mission in South Dakota for their annual visit. This committee consisted of Rev. Carl Haak and Elders Vern Haveman and Dave Rau. The men met with Edgerton’s consistory on November 7, the Fellowship’s steering committee on November 8, and the entire group Sunday, November 9. Rev. Haak also filled their pulpit in the absence of missionary Rev. Allen Brummel.

The Doon, IA PRC arranged to have Rev. Allen Brummel provide pulpit supply for the Berean PRC in Manila, the Philippines, for November 9 and 16. Rev. Brummel traveled with a representative of our churches’ Foreign Mission Committee, Elder Ike Uittenbogaard, and his wife, Phyllis. Sunday, November 16, the Berean PRC commemorated their second anniversary as an instituted church. They were officially instituted on November 19, 2006.

Rev. Rodney Miersma and Elder M. Schwarz traveled to the Spokane, WA mission field November 14 as part of the regular supervisory work of the Loveland, CO PRC. Rev. Miersma was also able to preach for the Fellowship on Sunday evening. Prof. Herman Hanko left for the CERC of Singapore on November 11. Prof. Hanko planned to deliver the annual Reformation Day speech and stay for several weeks. Mrs. Hanko intended to join him there December 2 and they plan to return December 22. Prof. Hanko has gone to Singapore under the auspices of the Contact Committee. The time there will be busy, since he is scheduled to give at least seven speeches and seven sermons.

Evangelism Activities

The Hope PRC congregation in Redlands, CA gathered together on October 31 for their annual Reformation Day lecture. Their pastor, Rev. Martin VanderWal, spoke on “John Calvin and Calvin’s Calvinism.” The Evangelism Committee of First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada arranged for their pastor, Rev. John Marcus, to speak at their Reformation Day lecture on October 31. Rev. Marcus spoke on “Scripture in the Hands of the People.”