News From Our Churches

A couple of our churches which are presently without undershepherds have extended calls again in the recent past. That from Doon, Iowa, has gone to Rev. G. VanBaren, while Rev. H. Veldman has received the call from Southwest.

Members of the Society for Protestant Reformed Secondary Education decided, at their annual meetingon March 11, to proceed with construction of a 70′ by 52′ addition on the east side of the existing building. This addition will include two classrooms, each 26′ by 26′. A 20′ by 26′ section will be used for additional storage and office space. And the remainder will be used for boys’ and girls’ shower rooms, each 26′ by 16′. The two new classrooms will alleviate the over crowdedness which is presently a way of life at the school. As was mentioned in “The Crier,” the school’s weekly news-sheet, the addition will mean that “the library will be available all day; no classes will be held in the library on a regular basis.” 

It seems that work on the project will begin shortly. It’s expected that the completion date might be in the early fall of this year. A hopeful, howbeit somewhat skeptical, writer in “The Crier” added, “But don’t count on it too much!”

About a month ago we noted that the congregation in Hull had decided to rebuild the pulpit area in the church building. According to the February 28 Sunday bulletin of that church, they’re going to get some new furniture to go with the new front. The Consistory reported that it had gratefully accepted “offers from two families of the congregation to purchase a new pulpit and baptism font.” With that beginning, the Consistory decided to go the rest of the way and purchase, also, a new communion table and collection plate stand.

Another building project was mentioned in Loveland’s bulletin. There are plans afoot to build an addition to the parsonage. No reason was given, but there’s an outside possibility that the size of the pastor’s growing family had some bearing on the decision.

Another thing we reported a while back, was the formation of The Reformed Witness Committee. It’s a combined church extension committee including Doon, Edgerton, and Hull. We learn from a recent Sunday bulletin from Hull that the committee has prepared another pamphlet for mailing. This one, written by Rev. D. Kuiper, is entitled “The Pre-Millennial Error.” According to the bulletin announcement, these pamphlets are mailed to individuals in different neighboring communities, including Manhattan, Montana, and seven towns in Minnesota. They already have a mailing list with 2000 names, and “in the coming months new areas will be considered.” They add that “the approximate cost of the monthly project is $80.00, which is to be raised by monthly collections in our church as well as Doon and Edgerton.”

In glancing over the many Sunday bulletins received, we notice different types of after-recess activities of various societies. One of the societies in Loveland is using The Chaos of the Cults for after-recess study. Another society in that same church uses A History of the Christian Church. A society in Southwest makes use of the “Studies in Biblical Doctrine,” a study sheet program authored by Rev. Woudenberg and provided by the Lynden Church. Another studies the “Canons”; another, various church doctrines; still another the “Church Order.” Several, also, as we’ve mentioned before, deal with a variety of special subjects, such as, “Current Events,” “Separation of Church and World,” “What Constitutes the True Preaching of the Word,” “Final Judgment,” “Abortion,” “The Intermediate State,” “The Morality of Heart Transplants,” etc.

We have a little news concerning the work of the Radio Committee. Perhaps you know that the committee has been providing spot announcements to be used by all the radio stations carrying our program. The little announcement is in the form of a question based on the radio sermon, and is designed, of course, to draw the attention of radio listeners to our program, and to generate some advance interest in the sermon. Do you wonder what work is involved for those who are members of the Radio Committee? If you do, you’re not alone. Others have also expressed interest in learning about their work, so the committee decided to produce something which would acquaint people with what transpires behind the scenes, as it were. They decided to prepare a set of slides showing the various activities which are a normal part of their work, and then to prepare, also, a tape to be used in conjunction with the slides, giving the story behind the pictures. It sounds as if this will make a fascinating after-recess program for many of our societies. In fact, we understand that it was that very thing that motivated the committee to begin work on this production. It seems that a society investigated concerning the possibility of an after-recess program, of an informational nature, provided by the Radio Committee; and, as a result, the above plan was born. The material will not, certainly, be ready for the current society season. Mr. Don Faber is still preparing the set of slides. Next society season they’ll likely do some advertising of their own, but in case you miss it or have some advance questions, Mr. Duane Gunnink, the chairman of the publicity committee has all the answers.