Some time ago the Theological School Committee distributed to all of our churches a letter soliciting contributions for a new Seminary building. Attached to the letter was a copy of tentative floor plans for the proposed building. You have, no doubt, seen both. The Council of Southeast Church felt that the letter from the Theological School did not really say enough, that there was still room for “questions which should have an answer if our people were to contribute willingly and intelligently to this worthy cause.” So the Council accompanied the School Committee letter with a letter of its own in which an attempt was made to answer some of those questions. Since this is something that is of interest and importance to all of us, we would like to take just a few excerpts from that letter. 

“After using our present facilities in First Church for some 45 years, what makes the proposed new facility so necessary now? 

“It is true that until three years ago the basement facilities of First Church, for want of a better place to meet, have covered the needs of our Seminary. However, by a decision of Synod (1968) a preseminary department has been added to the Seminary on a trial basis. . . . The trial arrangement has proved to be highly successful; but if it is to continue, larger and more adequate facilities will have to be provided. . . .” 

“Does the floor plan as proposed by the Theological School Committee adequately provide for our future need? 

“. . . There are no definite plans. These will be provided only after we have received sufficient funds and are ready to build. It is evident to, the Theological School Committee even now that when actual plans are to be drawn up, provision will have to be made for at least three and maybe four classrooms, there will have to be library room sufficiently large to contain all our books as well as to afford space for students not in class to conduct private study. And we are assured that this can be done even on the basis of the proposed tentative plan by juggling space on the ground level and dropping everything on the picture besides the classrooms, auditorium, and office, into the basement. In one word, our people may rest assured that no building will be erected that will not adequately fulfill our need.” 

“Why an auditorium, and why so large?” 

“A Seminary building must be complete and contain also the facility for practice preaching. And because the Seminary building will be synodical property, the Theological School Committee did conceive of the idea that the building with all its proposed facilities and especially the auditorium, could be used for synodical meetings. . . .” 

Those are a couple of the questions suggested and answered by Southeast’s Council. Just in case you intended to respond to the original letter, have not yet done so, and have forgotten to whom the response should be directed, we’ll quote this last paragraph: “Kindly send your contributions and pledges to: Mr. Richard H. Teitsma, 1659 Shangrai La Drive, S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49508, and he will send you a receipt to be used for tax purposes. Make your checks in favor of: Theological School Building Fund.”

Installation for Rev. Veldman will be held during the morning service on May 2 and he will preach his inaugural sermon in the evening. The members of Southwest congregation plan to hold a welcome program for Rev. and Mrs. Veldman on May 13.

The special worship services in observance of (Good Friday included the celebration of the Lord’s Supper in our Loveland Church. Their church bulletin noted that the Church Order does not limit a congregation to celebrating the Lord’s Supper only four times a year, but allows a congregation to celebrate as often as it thinks beneficial. And “the consistory judges that it is fitting and profitable for the church to celebrate the sacrament of the body and blood of our Lord at the occasion of the Good Friday service.”

Hope Church concluded its April 4 bulletin with this short poem entitled “Yours and Mine?” by Harry Abma:

“That cup which Jesus dreaded 

In Gethsemane, 

But which he drained 

To its last bitter dregs On Calvary—

Whose cup was that?”