We have an abundance of news again—more than we can handle, in fact. That’s due partly to the fact that theStandard Bearer appears less often during the summer months, and partly to the regularity with which most of our church supply this writer with Sunday bulletins. This month, in addition to the “regulars,” we’ve also received bulletins from one of our churches from whom we haven’t heard for about a year, and from another whose bulletin we have never before seen. 

A helpful member of our Edgerton congregation not only sent a bulletin but also some past news items, concerning which she suggested that we “pick it over to choose what is fitting” and “of interest to readers.” Well, it was all fitting and of interest, so we would like to use it almost verbatim. 

The Edgerton congregation planned a 25th Anniversary celebration for Rev. and Mrs. Lanting. The interesting program and the social hour following it were held in the church on May 12. 

Rev. Lanting declined the call from Doon, Iowa. 

The Free Christian School (Edgerton, P.R.) graduating class of two chose as its class motto, “Seek ye the Lord while He may be found.” Rev. Lanting spoke at the commencement exercises on May 27. The Free Christian School Board recently purchased the first individual school desks the school has ever had. 

In the last few years Edgerton Church members have been remodeling the auditorium of the church. And this spring, new carpeting was added to the main room in the basement.

The pre-synodical sermon (June 1, in the Edgerton Church) was preached by Rev. Schipper, who chose as his text, Rev. 3:7-13.

Many thanks to our friend in Edgerton, and to all those who supply news. Much that is found on church bulletins is of local interest only, of course. But every now and then, something of general interest appears, and it’s that sort of bulletin news that provides the almost sole source of information for this column.

The Council of Grand Rapids Hope Church announced a trio consisting of Rev. R. Harbach, Rev. G. Lanting, and Rev. B. Woudenberg. At the congregational meeting, Rev. Woudenberg was elected to receive the call to become pastor at that church.

The meeting of Synod in Edgerton from June 2 through June 9 was described in Southeast’s bulletin as “one of the nicest synods we have attended.” Rev. VanBaren presided at the meetings. Some of Synod’s time was spent with routine matters, of course; but there were also several items of special interest. This is probably already of general knowledge, but we’ll mention them, briefly, anyway. One was the successful examination of Seminarian R. Miersma, and of his subsequent graduation on Tuesday, June 8. Another was the decision of the Synod to call a second missionary—this one to labor in the States. Hope, Grand Rapids, was appointed the calling church. The other is that. Synod decided to establish a permanent pre-seminary department in our Seminary, and to, therefore, call a third professor. Rev. G. VanBaren was called for this position, and Rev. D. Engelsma was chosen to serve as alternate.

With the exception of Rev. Heys, who was this year’s alternate from his Classis, all the ministers (including both professors) of Classis East went west for the gathering of Synod in Edgerton. That left a lot of pulpits to be filled. Needless to say, June 6 became seminary student day. One of them, Seminarian J. Slopsema, preached three times—9:30 in Southwest, 5:00 in Southeast, and 7:00 in First.

This requested announcement from Isabel: The telephone number of Elder Milton H. Collman, clerk of the Consistory of Hope Church, Isabel, South Dakota, is 499-4522.

Our Loveland congregation seems to be busy, as usual, in its church extension work. The consistory scheduled a public lecture for May 5, and asked Rev. D. Kuiper, of our church in Pella, to speak on the topic, “The Preservation of the Church by God’s Mercy.”

More on church extension: The Reformed Witness Committee (of Doon, Edgerton and Hull) has made arrangements with Radio Station KDCR, Sioux City, Iowa (91.3 on the F.M. dial), to begin broadcasting our Reformed Witness Hour on Sunday at 11:30. Along with that announcement in Hull’s bulletin was an expression of hope that “the Lord will use this effort as a distinctive witness of the glorious gospel concerning the sovereignty of our God.” We have more information concerning the work of that committee, but, for lack of space, it will have to wait till next month.

One short note, yet. The Mission Committee has asked the Permanent Committee for Publication of Prot. Ref. Literature to republish The History of the Protestant Reformed Churches. The book will not be published as is, however. Prof. H.C. Hoeksema has been asked to bring the history up to date. It looks as if a well-deserved vacation is going to be spent a-writing.