From Southeast’s bulletin we learn that Rev. Schipper, the pastor of that congregation, has declined the call extended to him from our church in Redlands, California.

For the news column in this issue, we have a couple of contributions which we are certain will be of general interest. 

One comes to us through the courtesy of Mr. H. Vander Wal, who has been, periodically, providing bits of information concerning the extent and effectiveness of our witness by means of the printed page. Perhaps you recall his reference, in the January 1 issue, to a Canadian subscriber who requested a one year’s gift subscription to be sent to a person in the Netherlands. In that issue of the Standard Bearer, Mr. Vander Wal invited the subscriber from Canada to offer “an explanation as to how this came about.” Well, to keep a short story from getting any longer, the explanation from Canada was forth-coming. Here it is: 

“I noticed the reference in the Standard Bearer to my having sent a subscription to a man living in a town in the Netherlands. I appreciate your interest, and can understand that you wonder how I would know anyone living there. 

“As you know, a good many people from the Netherlands have come to Canada to live since the end of World War II, and this is the case in our province too. Mr. M. . . and family settled in the county of Pictou, twelve miles from here. Less than a year before returning to Holland, the Jehovah’s Witnesses called upon them. While he was trying to convince them of the error of their religion, one of them said to him, ‘You talk like Mr. . . . .’ Thus we were ‘introduced.’ Mr. M… looked us up, and from then on until he returned to Holland, he attended the regular Sunday worship services at our home here without missing a single service,—and that was during a very cold, stormy winter and typical raw spring weather. 

“Besides the personal contacts and interest, I think the work of the Standard Bearer, through the witness of the Rev. Herman Hoeksema, the Rev. George Ophoff, and others in exposing the radical error of Common Grace, is invaluable. And I wanted Mr. M. . . to have the opportunity of reading this material. Hence the order I sent in to you.” 

Interesting, we think. And, to cap it all, the explanatory letter included a request for material to be sent to Australia, no less, and, in addition, a suggestion for another name to be added to the list of subscribers to the Standard Bearer

The reaction of the Business Manager, in one short and simple, yet somehow exceedingly fitting statement—”Isn’t that something!”

The second contribution concerns the celebration of Hope Protestant Reformed School’s 25th anniversary. Most of you are probably aware of that celebration, since bulletin announcements concerning it have appeared in many, if not all, of the bulletins of our various churches. The publicity committee has decided, though, that a little more extensive information would be appropriate. We agree, and are happy to pass on the following: 

“Being presently in the 25th (1971-72) school year, the school board thought it appropriate to acknowledge God’s goodness to us. They named a steering committee of non-board members of the school society to plan events fitting for the occasion. Collectively and through its various subcommittees, this steering committee has chosen as a unifying theme, ‘God’s Covenant Faithfulness.’ Under this theme a program will be presented, a commemorative booklet printed, and the school building opened for inspection. 

“The program is planned for the evening of Friday, May 12, 1972, in the Grandville, Mich. Junior High School gymnasium. (Parking is being provided on a lot east of the gym.) The evening’s main speaker will be Rev. David Engelsma, an alumnus of Hope School, and presently pastor of our Loveland, Colorado, congregation. Miss Agatha Lubbers, a former principal, will provide a brief school history, and Mr. John Buiter, present principal, will give a resume of the present curriculum. Special numbers will be presented by the Hope School and Covenant Christian High School choirs. 

“The commemorative booklet will, in both word and picture, relate the school’s covenant blessings received of God, and present those who were privileged to be instructed therein. The nominal charge to be made for possession of a booklet will be negligible, considering its contents. 

“The ‘open house’ following the program will allow an inspection of the complete school plant now existing. A showing of slides of highlights of the history of the school will be in continuous operation. Refreshments will be served while acquaintances of alumni and friends are renewed. 

“Who is invited to attend these festivities? All past, present and future alumni and all parents, families, and friends of truly Christian education, possible only because of God’s Covenant Faithfulness.”