A couple of news items of current interest will probably still fit on this page, along with the Classis Report. For the first, I’ll quote a paragraph from our newly organized church in Jenison, Michigan. 

“At the Congregational Meeting held March 29. ‘Faith’ was selected as the name for our church. The pastoral call was extended to Rev. D. Engelsma and a budget of $10.00 for the General Fund and $2.00 for the Building Fund was adopted.” 

The second comes from a couple of different bulletins. From Hudsonville’s: “Rev. Engelsma reports that an open door is given to us in the Philadelphia area, with much work, more than can be accomplished in a few weeks.” 

From First’s: “Rev. Engelsma; who has been laboring in Philadelphia, has reported findings to the Mission Committee, and the committee deems it highly necessary that this work be carried on without a break in continuity. The Mission Committee has requested our consistory and congregation to release our pastor for a period of four to six weeks to work there. The consistory, in a special meeting held Wednesday evening, granted their request, limiting the time to four weeks. All indications are that the Lord has opened a door to us in Philadelphia, and a strong indication that another door will be opened in New Jersey where Rev. Engelsma has made other contacts with ‘concerned’ people. These are believers who loved the Reformed Faith but who are starving because of the apostasy of their churches.” 

And, back to Hudsonville’s: “We are grateful to our God for this opportunity to proclaim the truth most precious to us.”