Rev. and Mrs. Engelsma took a week’s vacation in Florida during the middle of January. On January 16 Rev. Engelsma gave a public lecture on the subject, “The Free Offer and Common Grace,” under the auspices of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bradenton, Florida. According to his South Holland bulletin, he also planned to preach there on Sunday evening, January 19.

Rev. Schipper and his wife, incidentally, were also on vacation in the Sunshine State during that and the following week. Vacationing ministers, in South Holland and Southeast on the 19th, coupled with the regular need for supply in Kalamazoo, put a temporary strain on pulpit supply in the east. As a result, Hope’s Pastor, Rev. Van Overloop, preached three sermons that Sunday. Two of those were at morning services, the first in his own congregation at 9:00, and the second at 11:00 in Southwest, whose Pastor, Rev. H. Veldman, was on classical appointment in Kalamazoo.