News From Our Churches

For the abbreviated news column this month, we’ll pick some of the short items of interest from church bulletins, and save the rest for next time. 

Our most recent news concerning calls and declines comes from a July 11 bulletin of Rev. Moore’s congregation in Isabel, South Dakota. Rev. Woudenberg has declined the call from Hope Church (Grand Rapids). Rev. VanBaren declined the call to serve as professor in our seminary. Rev. Engelsma has received the call from Hudsonville, and is also considering the call to the seminary. (Editor’s addition: Rev. Engelsma has declined the call to Hudsonville. Candidate Rodney Miersma has received a call from Forbes, North Dakota.)

On his vacation, Rev. C. Hanko preached in several of our churches in Grand Rapids and officiated at the wedding of seminary student Meindert Joostens in our South Holland church.

While Rev. Hanko was on that vacation, the ladies of his congregation in Redlands spent a couple of mornings at the parsonage, giving it a thorough housecleaning.

The summer season is generally a time of recess, as far as church-related activities such as catechism and societies are concerned. We notice that a couple of our churches attempt to keep up some sort of fellowship during vacation time. The following comes from the bulletin of our Redlands congregation: “Let’s reserve Tuesday nights for an evening of Christian fellowship at the park. Volleyball and horseshoes will be at 7:30 each week.” Sounds like a very fine idea! 

And from our South Holland congregation’s Sunday bulletin comes this note: “Your attention is called to the summer catechism class which begins meeting this Tuesday evening. The subject for study will be ‘The Worship of the Church.’ This class is intended for all ages and attendance is voluntary.”

At the time of this writing, Rev. Lubbers was expected to arrive soon in Grand Rapids, on a short furlough from his labors in Jamaica. A program had been arranged for Sunday evening, the 18th of July, at First Church, so that Rev. Lubbers might give a first-hand report of progress on the Jamaican mission field. The following Sunday, July 25, he planned to be in Loveland, Colorado, and speak for a Men’s Society-sponsored program in our church there.

Construction has begun at the site of our Covenant High School. According to a July 11 newsletter, “The foundation is in and the rough plumbing is laid for our new addition. Bricklayers are busy on the walls, too.”