News From Our Churches

Many of the bulletins of our churches include, when space allows, quotations from the confessions or from the works of various church fathers, or, perhaps, a short poem. I have, on several occasions, used some of that for this column. On one such occasion I made the mistake of referring to the quotations as fillers. One of our western ministers suggested to, me that “we use quotes from the fathers, reformers, other ministers, which make a particular point in connection with one of the sermons.” I have before me a number of not very recent Kalamazoo bulletins which illustrate the truth of that. Let me quote from a few. 

“Temporal things are as the mirage of the desert,” in connection with a sermon entitled, “Not by Bread Only.” “‘Peace and rest are two names for a flower which buds on earth but is only found full blown in heaven,” in connection with a sermon entitled, “Peace, a Position and a Condition.” “Not a particle of boasting can be admitted, because not a particle of work is admitted into the covenant of Grace,” with a sermon entitled, “Boasting Denied—Faith Exalted.” “The New Creation in the crown’ of all the works of God,” with a sermon, “Raised to a New Life.” “Take Christ to be the sole Savior of your soul,” with a sermon, “Grace Overflowing Great Sin.” 

Those were a few of the shorter ones. The point is obvious—these bulletins were designed, not to be read through, but to be meditated on. “Fillers” they most decidedly do not contain. 

The following interesting item comes from the bulletin of our Doon Protestant Reformed Church: “Rev. Moore was asked by our Reformed Witness Committee to write articles for the Doon Press, to be printed every other week for a trial period of six months? 

In a similar vein, there’s the following, from the bulletin of our Holland congregation, of which Rev. Heys is the pastor: 

“Beginning June 4, D.V., our Church Publication Committee will sponsor a 15 minute radio broadcast over WZND-FM, Zeeland (99.2 on the FM dial). The program will at first be at 4 P.M., and one Sunday a month will be set aside for answering questions that will be requested and sent in. The program will be called The Reformed Heritage Hour and will set forth the rich heritage of truth of the Reformed Faith. It will be the radio voice of our congregation and the meditations are designed to set forth in clear and simple way the truth that now sets our denomination apart from what is commonly preached today as the gospel.” 

End-of-the-season league meetings and mass meetings included some of the following topics: “The. Trend to Use Modern English in Prayer and Bible Translation,” by Rev. C. Hanko, for the Eastern Ladies League; “The Authority of Scripture,” by Rev. Van Baren, for the Mr. and Mrs. League; “True Peace,” by Rev. Moore, for the Western Ladies League; “Tongue Speaking,” by Rev. Decker, for the League Meeting of Men’s Societies. 

On April 28 the Senior Society of First Church presented a Talent Program in the Hope School gymnasium. Featured in the program were, among other numbers, vocal solos, saxophone solos, readings, quartets, a flute duet, a piano solo, a guitar-harmonica solo, and a collection to help defray Young People’s Convention expenses. 

The students of our Edger-ton school traveled to Doon for a combined chapel exercise at which Rev. Kortering spoke, and to which the Doon congregation was invited. 

I have, yet, a couple of items of interest which have been submitted by our Business Manager. One of them was accompanied with the suggestion that the information “could be included in your column whenever you are hard-pressed for news.” Well, “hard-pressed for news” is one thing I haven’t been, lately, thanks to the faithfulness of those sending bulletins. This news from Mr. Vander Wal, therefore, has remained in my little box for something like, I’m sorry to say, three months. It’s not the kind of news that is hurt by age, though, so here it is: 

“Our Standard Bearer is really ‘getting around’ lately. How’s this for geographical coverage? During the month of January, 1972, seventeen new subscribers have been added to the mailing list. These new additions, and other recipients recently added, are comprised of readers residing in the following areas: Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Arizona, South Dakota, California, Colorado, Washington, Montana and Florida. 

“Other recent additions include residents in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Korea, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and one of our Protestant Reformed Service-men stationed in Germany. 

“The Business Manager of our magazine is still looking forward to sending The Standard Bearer to someone residing in the state of Alaska. Can the readers of this column suggest any prospective subscriber residing in that area? He will be most happy to send a 3 month’s free subscription to any person in that outlying state.”