News From Our Churches

We may as well begin with information concerning a couple of not very recent calls. Rev. R. Moore was chosen, from a trio which included also Rev. R. Harbach and Cand. R. Miersma, to receive the call to serve as pastor in our church in Randolph, Wisconsin. Rev. Moore has also received the call from Doon. According to a late report, Rev. Moore has accepted the call from Doon. Rev. D. Engelsma has declined the call to become the third professor in our seminary. And, at the time of this writing, Rev. R. Harbach is considering the call to become our second missionary, a “Home Missionary” to labor in the United States and/or Canada. The trio from which he was chosen by Hope Church (Grand Rapids), the calling church, included Rev. Harbach, Rev. Heys, and Rev. Kuiper.

Requested announcement: the newly appointed Secretary of the Protestant Reformed Mission Committee is Mr. John M. Faber. His address is 1123 Cooper S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507. He replaces Rev. G. VanBaren.

Also from Isabel’s bulletin we learn that the congregation of our Hull church, after the recent remodeling of that church’s pulpit area, sent to Isabel a pulpit chair “which will find its place behind the pulpit very soon.” The thoughtfulness and brotherly concern, of which this is evidence, was noted in that bulletin from Isabel.

News from Hope Church in Redlands includes this item: “The Reformed Witness Hour has obtained a new station, especially clear in the Bellflower area. A new and better time has also been obtained.” That’s station KHOF, at 2:30 P.M.

From time to time, and from various parts of the world, the RFPA receives letters concerning its publications, notably The Standard Bearer. We would like to quote a few lines from several of these letters which have been made available to this writer for use in the news column. This, from Australia: “It is a joy to hear of the work of the Protestant Reformed Church, but I would like to know more. We look forward to seeing ‘The Standard Bearer.'” And this from South Africa: “With reference to your letter regarding the distribution of The Standard Bearer in South Africa, we have decided to undertake the distribution of 10 copies on a trial basis, since we feel that there are a number of persons who might be interested in becoming regular subscribers.” 

Not all letters are favorable, of course. There are those who consider the truth of God, as it is revealed in Scripture and as it has been understood by the church of the reformation, to be irrelevant to today’s world. From the Netherlands, for example, comes this response. “I don’t wish to receive any longer ‘The Standard Bearer.’ It may represent the pulse-beat of your reformed heritage, it does not mine. In theological sense it doesn’t answer the religious questions of this modern world with its modern way of life.”

Compare that last reaction with this one from a reader in Hungary: “I am also glad to write you that the Reformed Witness Hour (printed message) and The Standard Bearer sent in an envelope are regularly arriving. I am thanking God that they are allowed to come in, because I am learning much of them. . .” And this one from a U.S. reader: “Thanks for giving to me, through your magazine, an understanding of many things Reformed. Would that my seminary training . . . had given me an appreciation for and an understanding of the Reformed concept of ‘Church’ as I learn it in your pages.” And from a Sunday bulletin of our Kalamazoo Church comes the letter of appreciation for our Reformed publication and the articles of its editors. Of them he says, ‘We need to have such strong defenders of the faith.'” 

Our hard-working business manager is probably in as good a position as anyone else to know where our paper is going and how it’s being received. So the last work on this subject ought to be his. Here it is: “Another country heard from! Egypt yet! From time to time The Board of The RFPA receives requests for Protestant Reformed literature from individuals outside our own country. This time the request came from a pastor residing in Cairo, Egypt. Amazing, is it not! Other requests received recently originated in Canada, Australia, Essex (England), Guyana (South America), Budapest (Hungary), Edenvale (South Africa), and New Zealand. For less than one dollar expended for postal expenses, a bundle of recent issues of The Standard Bearer, plus a copy of each of the Sunday School pamphlets were sent to these interested people. Have you ever wondered how these Christian believers ever learned of our small Protestant Reformed denomination? We will inform you, D.V., in one of the forthcoming issues of this paper.”