News From Our Churches

Several of our churches have extended calls during the past few weeks. The calls from both Forbes and Randolph have gone to Candidate W. Bekkering. Hope Church has called Rev. Lanting. Redlands has called Candidate M. Kamps.

Summertime is vacation time—also for our ministers. And with vacation time comes, frequently, pulpit exchanges. For Rev. Engelsma and Rev. VanBaren, that pulpit exchange was accompanied by a very convenient parsonage exchange. For Rev. Heys, on a week’s vacation in Maine, a pulpit exchange was out of the question; but he preached in Maine, nevertheless. According to Holland’s bulletin, Rev. Heys was invited to preach in the Comville Orthodox Presbyterian Church, a few miles north of Skowhegan, Maine. Rev. Heys reported that “this small but attentive congregation expressed interest in the Reformed truth which we as churches have been given to know and love. The pastor, The Rev. Harold L. Dorman, reads eagerly all of our printed material that he can obtain and listens to all the taped sermons sent to him from our circles.” 

Summertime was also vacation time for our missionary, Rev. Lubbers. He returned to his labors in Jamaica on the 19th of July. His parting words to the congregation of First Church, expressed in that church’s bulletin, are certainly of interest to all of us; so we’ll take the liberty of quoting them here: 

“Dear brethren and sisters in the Lord, 

Hereby Mrs. Lubbers and I wish you a fond adieu. We tarried a bit in your midst and feel refreshed in our spirits by the mercies of God. Now we look toward Jamaica, the work, the arduous and multiple duties once more. A sense of helplessness creeps over our souls; our only help is in the Name of the Lord. God bless YOU and us.” 

—Rev. and Mrs. G. Lubbers” 

The response of the consistory of First Church, which reflects, no doubt, the sentiments of all of us, reads as follows: 

“Dear Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers: 

May you experience God’s grace and a keen sense of His nearness to you as you again take up your labor of love on the island of Jamaica; and be assured of our continual prayers for you and His cause there.”