News From Our Churches

Of the calls Rev. Flikkema has received as reported in our last issue, he has accepted the call of our Hope congregation of Walker, Michigan. As a result there will be no need for many of the classical appointments listed in the accompanying Report of Classis East. 

From a Kalamazoo bulletin we learn that Rev. Woudenberg, Rev. Van Overloop, and Rev. Bekkering gathered in Houston, Texas during the week of January 25 for a “study session on proper Reformed methods of doing church extension work.” 

From the January 18 bulletin of First Church in Grand Rapids we glean the following announcement: “The Synod of our Churches has designated First Church as administrator of the Jamaican Mission Field. Since we have no missionary on the Jamaican field at this time, one of the responsibilities of our church is to maintain contact with the field. In fulfillment of that responsibility, the consistory has asked elder Prince and Mr. Stuart Looyenga, members of our Jamaica Missions Committee, accompanied by their wives, to serve as emissaries to Jamaica. They plan to leave from the Kent County Airport this Friday at 6:50 A.M. The emissaries plan to spend three Sundays on the island and also attend the Jamaican Churches’ Classis meeting scheduled to convene in Belmont, Jamaica, on Monday, January 26. We wish them the Lord’s blessing as they labor in the cause of His kingdom with our Jamaican brethren and sisters. The emissaries covet your prayers.”