Rev. Kortering was scheduled to preach his ‘farewell sermon’ on October 10 in Hull, Iowa, before departing with his family to his new charge in Redlands, California. The Hull congregation extended a call to Rev. R. Van Overloop of our Hope (Walker, Michigan) church. 

God’s Church is a singing church. With a view to that fact, the Junior Young People’s Society of First Church decided that it would be very profitable for the entire congregation to sing Psalter numbers for about 15 minutes immediately following the evening service on the last Sunday of each month. The first such ‘singspiration’ was held the last Sunday in September. All but a very few of the congregation remained for a few moments of song. Mr. Ed Ophoff, who has demonstrated his talents as a song leader, as those of you who attended our 50th anniversary celebration last summer will attest, led the spirited singing. 

I always thought that annual cleanings were to be done in the Spring. But many of our church bulletins have carried requests for ‘volunteers’ to be armed with mops, buckets, and whatever else one needs to clean and scrub down various of our churches, including Hull and Isabel, as well as several of our Christian Schools. 

This is also the time of year in which many of our churches begin the Sunday School sessions (although several schedule Sunday School only during the summer months). The Faith Church bulletin announced the beginning of Sunday School classes and continued with these words, “As we begin a new Sunday School season, let us as parents and children, remember the words of Proverbs chapter 4, ‘Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding . . . Get wisdom, get understanding; forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.” 

Our church in Holland, Michigan, started their society season with an inspirational meeting of all their church societies on September 15. Seminarian Rich Flikkema was asked to speak for them. Rev. Engelsma’s book on marriage is receiving considerable attention in our various society gatherings. The Hull Mr. & Mrs. Society has also decided to use this book as a study and discussion guide. “The Hull Young People’s Society began their season with a discussion of the importance of Protestant Reformed education, a topic that must seem very close to them, with the opening of their new Christian School this fall. The South Holland Mr. & Mrs. Society decided to study the distinctive teachings of the Protestant Reformed Churches regarding both faith and life this year. A tine opportunity for the young couples of the church to grow in their knowledge of what it means to be Protestant Reformed. The Randolph Ladies Society just completed a project of installing a new stove in the parsonage. Rev. Bekkering and his wife extended thanks to the ladies for “the love, interest, and concern expressed in your kind deed.”