There are several items to report in the area of mission and church extension work which would indicate that there is no lack of activity in these areas within our churches. From 346 Water St., Skowhegan, Maine 04976, Rev. D. H. Kuiper reports on some of the facets of his work as missionary as follows: August 27, instead of a regular meeting of the Adult Bible Study Class, the group, in Skowhegan met together for a farewell to Mr. and Mrs. John Hilton and daughter. Mr. Hilton will take up his studies in the Seminary of our churches this fall. Rev. Kuiper gave a short speech based on Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” A few Psalter numbers were sung, a small gift presented, and a lunch was enjoyed by all. The departure of the Hilton’s for Grandville, Michigan, means that the regular attendance at Skowhegan is reduced to two families, and two individuals. Rev. Kuiper reported that he planned to speak on Christian day school instruction on his next Sunday morning radio program. He says, “I can imagine that this will sound strange in this area.” 

After that report from Maine, we would be pleased to receive a report on the work in Houston, Texas. How about it Rev. Harbach? 

The June 15 Hull, Iowa, bulletin reported that Rev. Kortering and Rev. Van Overloop were to conduct services that day at the Christian Reformation Church in Holland, Minn. The request came through Rev. Slopsema who has had some contact with this congregation. The Hull consistory has acceded to the request of the mission committee to have Rev. Kortering work in the Beatrice, Nebraska area by means of Bible study classes and other promotional literature and radio work. There are about four couples at this point who express interest in such a class. 

The Reformed Witness Committee which is composed of members from our Iowa and Minnesota churches has informed its supporting churches of the intensive new program it plans to begin this fall. It hopes to concentrate upon one area in a systematic and coordinated effort. The plans are for distribution of literature, personal calls and letters, as well as lectures. The Reformed Witness Committee has chosen to implement this program in the Rock Valley, Iowa area from September through March. Five lectures are planned, beginning with Reformation Day and spaced every five weeks. The planned lectures include: 

1. The Place of the Reformation in the Church of Today—Rev. G. Lanting 

2. Modern Translations: A Help for Understanding or Misunderstanding?—Rev. D. Engelsma 

3. God Loves the World, Not All Men—Rev. J. Kortering 

4. Are You Sure of Your Salvation?—Rev. J. Slopsema

5. Preaching and Discipline: A Vital Unity—Rev. R. Moore. 

We also have a report from another ‘Reformed Witness Committee’, this one from our Hope (Walker, Michigan) Church. This committee has been placing a series of meditations in the Walker, Ottawa, and Grand Valley Shoppers (weekly area newspapers) for a period of 26 weeks. The committee has been active in placing the pamphlets “Pentecostalism” and “God is Our Refuge and Strength” published by our South Holland Church in rest homes, hospitals, and other possible public places where they might be; appreciated. The committee has also established a tape library. Master tapes are catalogued and copies made of the masters. Tape copies are being sent, to individuals both inside and outside the U.S. 

By now, you may have noticed something different about this column. The difference is a new editor. After six years, D. D. has asked to be retired (as News Editor, that is; his appearance in the regions above the ears is not really a true indicator of his age.) After this column has been so well cared for by the likes of J. M. ‘see you in church’ Faber and D. Doezema, any newcomer has no small task ahead of him. But with the help of a far-flung network of correspondents (you may read “bulletin clerks” we will attempt to keep this column filled with news items of interest.