Rev. den Hartog and I have a similar problem. The letter he sent to First Church started out with the date March 26, 1983. Half-way through the letter he writes, “Well believe it or not it is April 4 and this letter is still lying on my desk.” Here are a few excerpts from this letter found in Across the Aisle, May, 1983. “. . . The session. . . decided last week not to ask for another missionary for Singapore from our churches in the U.S.A. at this time. . . . The session feels that the situation here is not ready to expand any further at this time. There is still need of establishing our present church more firmly in the faith and also the Toa Payoh Mission is not anywhere near to becoming a new established church yet. Then too both the Pastors and officebearers are overloaded with work in the church and therefore they feel they should not at this time launch into new areas of work. . . . The only difficulty is that we are all so loaded with work that we cannot spare the time to look into other fields of labor whereas perhaps if there were another man here already now we would be able to do this. . . .” 

If you want to know how much a wealthy Hindu Indian wedding costs, then write to the den Hartogs. However, I’ll give you a little hint, “What they spend on just the wedding we normal people would spend on a house!” The den Hartogs close their letter with these words, “Thank-you to those who sent us letters in the past month. We always look eagerly in our mail box for letters from U.S.A. May the Lord bless and keep you all.” 

Many people found the Child Development Conference held at Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church to be a great success. Recordings of this important event are available. There are five tapes to the whole series that come in a handy attractive tape holder. The five tapes are titled: (1) The Principles and Goals of Spiritual Development, (2) The Home and Early Development, (3) The School and the Mid-years, (4) The Church and Emerging Maturity, (5) The Principle of Christian Maturity. Separate tapes cost $3.00 each, whereas the complete set of five tapes cost only $15.00. You may order these tapes from: Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church, Activities Committee, 427 North Fletcher, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007. If you know of others who would like these tapes, please send their names too. 

Loveland Protestant Reformed Church has almost reached their goal of $1,322.68 for the celebration of their Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. When is the special event going to take place? 

The Consistory of First Protestant Reformed Church has decided once again to request Synod 1983 that First Church be instructed to call a missionary to labor in the Jamaica field. 

During the meeting of Synod in the first week of June, seminarians Ken Hanko and Barry Gritters will be examined. This past year they have been preparing for their examinations. May the Lord bless them. 

I leave you with this quote from Wonder of Grace by H. Hoeksema: “When God speaks, we are silent; we just listen. When He commands, we obey without murmuring, without objection, and without reservation. This means that we never assume the authority to determine for ourselves what shall be called good.”