After accepting the job as News Editor for theStandard Beaver there has been a very noticeable increase in the mail delivered on Linwood St. In fact, we are considering a bid solicitation for an addition to our mailbox so that all the interesting material being sent can be accommodated. 

In addition to the mail reports, a personal delivery of a rather disturbing report was received from a member of the Reformed Witness Hour Radio Committee. It seems our distinctively reformed radio program has been kicked off’ the air by a radio station in New Jersey. WAWZ—FM in Zarephath, N.J., refused to continue our Reformed Witness Hour programs over their outlet as of September 9. The reason given for the program discontinuance by the WAWZ program director was: “This past Sunday evening (September 7) the speaker on the Reformed Witness Hour made mention of ‘Arminianism’ in a negative manner and was heard to say that it was, in his opinion, a wrong and un-Biblical doctrine, or words to that effect.” This is the first time in 35 years of continuous radio broadcasting that our Reformed Witness Hour has been banned from any radio station. No doubt it will not be the last time such refusals are received as the end of all things is at hand. 

Rev. Joostens has kindly submitted a report on the October meeting of Classis East which will take the rest of the space allocated to this column. Therefore the rest of the items waiting in the ‘news box’ will have to wait for the next issue.