News From Our Churches

The October calendar has been filled with all kinds of special meetings—especially in the greater Grand Rapids area. In addition to the normal consistory meetings, catechism classes, societies, Sunday school, school board meetings and the like, some of the October ‘extras’ include three PTA meetings, Men’s League with Rev. Veldman speaking on “The Power of Unceasing Prayer,” Mr. & Mrs. League with Rev. Veldman again on “Patriotism—What should we teach our children?—What should be our attitude toward our Country?”, Ladies League with Rev. VanOverloop on God’s Sending of His Messengers,”Acts 8:4. In addition to the league meetings, there were at least one bazaar, two fall coffees and several sales scheduled. 

First Church celebrated Rev. VanBaren’s tenth anniversary as pastor with a short program on October 9. Included were several special musical numbers, congregational singing, remarks of appreciation given in the name of the congregation by Mr. J. M. Faber, and the presentation of a $600 gift. When quizzed, Mrs. VanBaren revealed that the gift would be used to replace their ‘tired’ couch, a veteran of 19 years. 

Rev. Kortering addressed the Western Ladies League on “Affluence and Its Affect on Home and Church.” Prof. Hanko addressed a combined chapel service of Doon and Edgerton schools on October 9. South Holland scheduled a lecture by Rev. Engelsma on “The Authority of Scripture,” and Prof. Hanko was to speak on “The Bible Chained Anew,” the annual Reformation Day Lecture in First Church. 

The undersigned was privileged to worship with our Redlands, Calif. congregation this past summer. During a visit with some of our people there, the wish was expressed that they would not be so far removed from all the denomination and school activities taking place in the East. I have also heard some here in the East express a desire to be in one of our Western Churches ‘where life moves at a slower pace and there are not so many meetings to attend.’ 

As you can see from the number of special events listed above, finding a free night is no small problem—lectures are usually scheduled on Adams School Mothers Club nights. Covenant Christian High School has offered to serve as a central ‘clearing house’ for scheduling meetings. Covenant staff will keep a ‘master calendar’ of meetings. We wish them success in providing this useful service. 

As you may recall, our Hudsonville congregation decided to build a new church. A building fund drive has already resulted in gifts of almost $50,000! Plans are being drawn for a new building containing a hexagon auditorium with a seating capacity of approximately 625. Sale papers for the present church building were signed on October 29. The building had to be vacated by November—the deacons were very busy searching for space to store the church organ, piano, tables, and other furniture. The congregation expected to hold services beginning on November 2 in the Hudsonville High School Auditorium on 32nd St. 

Mr. John Schaap of First Church celebrated his 100th birthday on October 4. A birthday card provided by the consistory was signed by many of the congregation. We understand that Mr. Schaap also received cards from President Ford and other notables. 

Rev. C. Hanko declined the call from our Kalamazoo church. 

A quiet thought from our Southeast Church bulletin: “People who are so sure they know where the younger generation is going should try to remember where it came from.”