News From Our Churches

Rev. Heys and Mr. John M. Faber, according to First Church’s bulletin, planned to leave for Jamaica on April 15, in order to spend three weeks visiting the churches there.

Rev. Harbach expects to take a vacation during the latter part of July. In connection with that, the Mission Committee has a request which might be of interest to one or another of our ministers. Our missionary will be absent from the group in Houston during the weeks of July 13, 20, and 27. The Committee asks that any of our ministers willing to take a three-week working-vacation in Texas at that time, please notify the consistory of our Hope Church.

On March 20 and 21, the people of our church in Hull celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their own particular Protestant Reformed congregation. Planned activities included a pot-luck supper, held in the Hull Community Building, on the evening of the 20th. And on Friday evening, the 21st, a program was held in the church auditorium. Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. J. Heys, two of Hull’s past ministers, were on hand to address the congregation at that time. And on the following Sunday, Rev. Hanko preached both services in the pulpit he occupied some forty-five years earlier. In the bulletin that day there was an expression of hope that the “commemoration be helpful to us and our children by reminding us of God’s loving care and that we may dedicate ourselves to remain faithful to those principles of God’s Word as set forth by our forefathers.'”

The neighboring congregation of Doon, incidentally, was invited to join with Hull in the program and social hour held on Friday evening. From Doon’s bulletin we quote the following lines (sentiments in which, I’m sure, we can all share): “We take notice of God’s blessing upon them in the last fifty years, and it is our prayer that He shall continue to bless our sister congregation.”

What with our churches’ celebration of the 50th anniversary of our denomination this year, and our Young People’s Societies’ holding of their 35th annual convention, this year, other milestones might seem to fade a little by way of comparison. There is another, though, that I think deserves note. Adams Street Protestant Reformed Christian School commemorates this year its 25th anniversary. Professor Robert Decker, an Adams’ alumnus, will speak at the commemorative program which will be held in First Church on Friday, May 16, at 8 P.M. If you live in the Grand Rapids’ area, you might be interested in attending.