News From Our Churches

Candidate Kenneth Koole has accepted the call from our congregation in Randolph, Wisconsin, to be their pastor. Randolph requested a special meeting of Classis West in order that Mr. Koole might receive his classical examination prior to his being installed as Randolph’s pastor. Classis was scheduled to meet in special session on December 13 for this purpose. 

The council of Hope Church prepared a short program in commemoration of their pastor and his family’s leaving to labor in Christchurch, New Zealand for about nine months. This program was held after the evening service on Sunday, December 11. Rev. Van Overloop and his family planned to leave on December 17, spend the weekend in Redlands, California, with our congregation there and depart from Los Angeles for Christchurch on December 20. 

Rev. Bekkering sent a notice of a special officebearers conference which is to be held in connection with the regular meeting of Classis West convening in Randolph, Wisconsin on March 1, 1978. The conference subject is “Postmillennialism.” The reasons the committee has given for choosing this subject are threefold. One, postmillennialism is being set forth by some as being the historic-Reformed position on the return of Jesus Christ. Two, some of the books of earlier postmillennialists are being reprinted. Three, beside the above and closer to home is the fact that in the A.A.C.S. movement there is a strong leaning toward postmillennialism if not an overt expression of it. The conference will be held on Tuesday, February 28, 1978. Two papers are planned for presentation. One in the morning giving a critique of Chalcedon’s position that the historic-Reformed position on the return of Christ is postmillennial. Another paper will be given in-the afternoon setting forth a Biblical defense of the amillennial position. Those interested should contact Rev. Wayne Bekkering, 722 Wild Horse Valley, Katy, Texas 77450 for further information. At their annual congregation meeting, the brethren of our church in Hull, Iowa, decided to change the time of the second Sunday service to 7 PM on a regular basis during June, July, and August. The remainder of the year their second service is scheduled for 1:30 P.M. 

At the annual congregational meeting of our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan, the congregation gave her unanimous approval to go ahead with the construction of a new church sanctuary at a cost of $240,000. The bulletin announcement ends with these appropriate words: “May the Lord bless us in this endeavor to build Him a house of worship.” 

The Men’s Society in Randolph sponsored a special lecture given by Rev. Marvin Kamps of Doon, Iowa, on the topic of “Limited Inerrancy, Right or Wrong” on Thursday, November 17. 

A rather interesting report of historical interest was received from a member of our Hudsonville congregation. It seems that a senior member of that congregation, Mr. Ed Vander Werff, was present when Hudsonville’s former pastor Rev. Cornelius Hanko, preached his farewell sermon there. Mr. Vander Werff was a member of our church in Hull, Iowa, in 1929 when Rev. Hanko was ordained into the ministry and installed as pastor there. Not only was Mr. Vander Werff present during the occasions marking Rev. Hanko’s ordination and retirement from the active ministry, but he was also a member of our congregation in Redlands, California during Rev. Hanko’s pastorate there. 

Our congregation in Redlands has formed a rather active library committee which is busy gathering a collection of books, tapes, and periodicals for use by the congregation. 

The Redlands Christian School scheduled a chapel program at the school on November 22. All parents and friends of the school were invited. Rev. Kortering spoke, the school children gave some special numbers, and, after the chapel, a lunch sponsored by the 9th grade was served. A similar chapel was scheduled by our schools in Northwest Iowa, while in Grand Rapids, Adams St. Christian School held a ‘Visit Adams Day.’ 

Randolph, Hull, and Isabel sponsored ‘work-days’ recently. Hull for church cleaning (bring your own cleaning supplies, but dinner is furnished), Isabel to insulate the church ceiling and cover the windows, and the ladies of Randolph were asked to come and help paint in the parsonage. It seems the men had their turn earlier in the season when they had the task of painting the outside. 

A Quiet Thought from Loveland’s bulletin: “Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them.”