News From Our Churches

The time of Sunday worship services seems to be something that receives a periodic review in our churches. The consistory in Isabel, South Dakota, called a special congregational meeting to consider changing the Sunday worship services from 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM. The consistory felt this would be an aid to the ranchers in the congregation and to those members who travel a great distance to attend services. They could then do their work and travel while it was yet light. Edgerton considered a proposal on the agenda of their annual congregation meeting to extend evening services through the months of November and March. The previous schedule was 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM April through October and 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM November through March. 

One of the reasons we look forward to Christmas Day in many of our churches is because of the Sunday School Christmas Program. If one of your children is scheduled to take part in the program, you may even look forward to this event with just a little bit of nervous anticipation. But, as Prof. Decker expressed it after the Christmas program in First Church, children can express the meaning and the joy of Christmas in a way that is special and always brings joy to the hearts of those who attend the program. After the program the children receive some candy, maybe an orange, and in Southwest Church, even animal crackers for the ‘wee-tots.’ 

We even seem to have some diversity in the Sunday School schedule within the churches. Most meet September to May, but in Hull, Iowa, it is June through August. And in Southwest Church (Wyoming, Mich.), Sunday School meets May through August. 

Two of our Protestant Reformed Schools celebrated rather special events the beginning of this school year. After a number of years of holding classes in the church basement, a new school building was dedicated on September 12 in Loveland, Colorado. After speeches by Rev. Laming, Mr. G. Kuiper the school administrator, and Mr. Ray Ezinga the School Board President, and some musical numbers, refreshments were served in the new building. 

Our congregation in Redlands, California, not only dedicated a new school building, but a new school. No report has yet arrived concerning the school dedication (the mail from the West Coast seems to be a bit slow.) The new school in Redlands is distinctive on at least three counts: it is the newest school; it is the only one of our, schools which is air-conditioned, and the only one of our schools with grapefruit trees growing in the school yard. (I enjoyed a half dozen grapefruit from these trees last summer; they were a bit tart, but otherwise quite good.) 

The congregation in Hull has plans to open a new grade school. This past November a drive was conducted in Hull to raise $15,000 to pay off the debt on the land for the school and to secure $30,000 in pledges toward the cost of erecting a school building in 1976.

Most if not all of our Protestant Reformed Christian Schools publish a newsletter or journal several times a year. Of late I have received copies of the AdamsAnnouncer, the Hope (Walker, Michigan) Highlights, and the Northwest Iowa (Doon) P.R. Christian SchoolPolaris. All of these contain school news and short pieces by the students and teachers. If you live near one of our eight schools and would like to receive a subscription to one of these newsletters, I am sure the school would be most pleased to comply with your request. 

Each year, the students at Adams and Hope schools forego the customary school practice of gift exchanges. Instead, the students contribute toward a gift which this year was given to the students of our small western schools. The money is used to buy classroom educational materials that will benefit the students of these schools. 

The Young Adult Society in Randolph sponsored a Thanksgiving evening Singspiration. Mr. & Mrs. John Hilton, formerly from Maine and now living in Grand Rapids where John is attending our seminary, consented to come and give special music. John plays the saxophone accompanied by his wife on the piano. The children of the congregation also prepared some songs. 

Rev. M. Kamps of Redlands, California, has received a call from our church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.