News From Our Churches


October 3, 1973 

Hudsonville Prot. Ref Church 

Classis East met in regular session on October 3, 1973 in Hudsonville. The churches were each represented by two delegates. Rev. R. Van Overloop led the classis in opening devotions; Rev. H. Veldman presided over this session. 

Those who attended the October session will no doubt count this day as being well spent. The delegates and visitors were eyewitnesses of the covenant faithfulness of God. They saw in the examination of Candidate Meindert Joostens that God cares and provides for His church; He continues to supply us with undershepherds. The presence of the delegates from the newly organized Prospect Park, New Jersey, Protestant Reformed Church was evidence that God has given us fruit upon the mission labors in the eastern states. Classis experienced a busy session but the remark was made by more than one delegate that the work of this session was such happy work compared to the work of some of the prior sessions of classis. 

The delegates ad examina from Classis West, Rev. J. Kortering, Rev. D. Kuiper and Rev. G. Laming, were, of course, present for the examination of Pastor-elect Joostens and were given advisory vote. Their presence added to the joy of the day. 

As most already know, Candidate Joostens successfully passed his examination and now already is Rev. M. Joostens. He has taken up his labors in our Faith Prot. Ref. Church in Jenison, Michigan. It can be reported that the pastor-elect gave good account of himself both in the preaching of his sermon based on Psalm 65:4 and also in the several hours of questioning in the loci of dogmatics, in the knowledge of the confessions and scripture, in controversy, and in practica — an exhausting but assuredly most rewarding day for the classis and the examinee. 

Following the examination of Candidate Joostens, classis busied itself with routine business. The usual committees were appointed and reported. Rev. J. A. Heys and Elders W. Clason and T. Nelson served on the Classical Appointment Committee. Classis honored requests from Prospect Park and from Classis West (for help in supplying South Holland). The following schedule was adopted for these churches: PROSPECT PARK: November 11, 18, 25 – J. A. Heys; December 2, 9 16 – R. Van Overloop; SOUTH HOLLAND – October 21 – C. Hanko; November 18 – H. Veldman; December 9 – R. C. Harbach; December 16 – M. Joostens; December 23 – M. Schipper. 

The finance Committee of Elders J. Van Baren and G. VanDenTop reported expenses totaling $620.34. Deacon C. De Groot was appointed to thank the ladies of Hudsonville for their catering services. A subsidy request for aid through December 1974 was approved for Prospect Park. Classis approved subsidy of $1,740 without a pastor and $9,888 with a pastor. This request has been forwarded to the Finance Committee of Synod for final action. 

In other business, the reports of the stated clerk and Classical Committee were received, the term of the present stated clerk was extended for another three years, the church visitors were given another three-month extension, and the Randolph Church was given permission to contact the churches of Classis East for collections for their new church building. 

After the questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and satisfactorily answered., classis adjourned until its January 3rd, 1973 (Thursday) meeting which will be held in Southeast Church. Rev. C. Hanko closed the session with prayer. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon Huisken, Stated Clerk Classis East