News From Our Churches

Sunday, February 8, will bring another milestone in the history of the Reformed Witness Hour. We have already witnessed two generations of program announcers and two generations of Radio Committee presidents. The 1727th broadcast of our radio program will begin a series of eight messages on the general theme of the Covenant Home, by Rev. Mark Hoeksema. Rev. Mark Hoeksema is the third generation of Hoeksemas to speak on the broadcast. The late Rev. Herman Hoeksema spoke on the broadcast when it first began in the early 1940’s. The second generation is represented by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema who has also been the speaker on many Reformed Witness Hour radio broadcasts. Printed copies of the radio messages and a station log can be obtained by writing: The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501.

The 1975 Synod of our churches decided to send emissaries to Jamaica for a period of two months or so before the 1976 Synod convenes this June. In harmony with this decision, the Mission Committee of our churches asked the consistory of our Pella, Iowa, Church to release their pastor, Rev. George Lubbers, for nine Sundays in order that Rev. Lubbers might visit the island once again. 

Rev. Lubbers kindly outlined some of the plans for that visit in a letter to me on January 7. Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers plan to leave Pella on Thursday morning, January 29. They plan to fly from Des Moines to Chicago and then to Montego Bay, Jamaica by early evening. Elder John M. Faber of 1st Church and his wife expect to follow the Lubbers to Jamaica about a week later. 

While in Jamaica, the emissaries plan .to visit, encourage, and instruct the people in the small group of native churches with whom our churches have labored for over a decade. Plans include giving a mini-course to the native ministers, some mid-week teaching in the congregations, preaching, and teaching Sunday School on Sunday. Some used clothing collected here in the states needs to be distributed among the people and the building of a little church supervised in Belmont, Jamaica. Rev. Lubbers says he would like to visit the beautiful beach at Nigril, Jamaica, a place he was able to see only twice during the four years he spent as missionary on the island. 

The task which the emissaries face is a strenuous one which is not made any easier by the primitive living conditions, the warm climate, and the difficult traveling conditions experienced in the interior of the island where most of the churches are located. 

Rev. Lubbers asks that we remember him and his wife along with the Fabers in our prayers. Rev. Lubbers testifies that “Our eyes are upon the LORD who will be with us in our going out and in our coming in from this time forth even forever more!” The expected mailing address for the emissaries while in Jamaica is: Rev. George C. Lubbers, General Delivery, Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I. 

During the busy holiday season just passed, some of our ministers did a bit of traveling and pulpit exchanging. On Sunday, December 28, Rev. Engelsma of South Holland exchanged pulpits with Rev. Van Baren in First, Grand Rapids. Rev. Miersma from Isabel, South Dakota, preached in Hull, Iowa, and Rev. H. Feldman of Southwest, Wyoming, Michigan, preached in Redlands, California, where he had traveled to visit his children over the holidays. Seminarian Ken Koole traveled to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to deliver a “word of edification” to the congregation there during the Seminary Christmas vacation. 

In their December Newsletter, the South Holland Church Evangelism Committee announced that they had arranged a series of radio programs on the topic, “Fundamentals of the Reformed Faith.” This broadcast is to cover primarily the area of De Motte, Indiana. It is hoped that the cost of this program will be paid for from the funds that our Mission Committee received when the assets of the Oak Lawn congregation were disbursed. The program will be broadcast on Sunday mornings between 8:15 and 8:30 A.M. over the Crown Point station, WFLM-FM, 103.9mh. The first broadcast was scheduled on December 7. 

The South Holland church is no stranger to radio broadcasting. Their Sunday morning service has been broadcast on the air for some time already. It is presently heard on WLNR-FM at 2 P.M. on Sunday. 

Rev. Kortering declined his call from Kalamazoo, Michigan.