First of all, hearty congratulations are to be given to candidates Barry Gritters and Ken Hanko on their completion of seminary instruction and also their successful examination by Synod. May our faithful covenant God provide these candidates a place to labor in His vineyard. I look forward to informing you about the calling of both candidates.

Synod was also busy making the following decisions that I found in First Protestant Reformed Church’s bulletin: “Synod gave approval to First Church to call a missionary to Jamaica. Rev. den Hartog will continue laboring in Singapore and at such a time as the church there desires and demonstrates the need for more help, Doon may call another missionary. Also, Redlands was designated the calling church for a new field in Ripon, California. Rev. Van Overloop will continue his labors in Birmingham, Alabama. Synod decided to continue to help the few families in Wellington, New Zealand, by laboring as Rev. Heys did last year.” 

On Wednesday, June 22 and Thursday, June 23, Loveland Protestant Reformed Church celebrated their Twenty-Fifth anniversary. A congregational picture was to have been taken and is available for ten dollars. If you are interested in this picture contact Twyla Griess, 1-303-669-4835. 

Doon Protestant Reformed Church had this announcement about church growth in its May 15, bulletin: “The Consistory at the May 2 meeting appointed a Committee to consider the expansion needs of the Church. We are keenly aware that our present seating capacity is rapidly being filled. Therefore, should we continue to enjoy God’s gracious provision and blessing, our present seating capacity will be insufficient in the not too distant future. The members of this long range committee are James Hoogendoorn, Dennis Burgers, and John Van Den Top.” 

First Protestant Reformed Church, Holland, Michigan has a need. “The Consistory informs the congregation that we are in need of additional organistsimmediately. . . .Parents are also encouraged to provide for the, training of their children to play the organ in order that there will be organists in the future.”

In regards to music in our churches; Doon Protestant Reformed Church included, (in its May 8 bulletin,) this excerpt from an article by Rev. Engelsma in theBeacon Lights, March, 1983 issue: “Our exclusion of choirs and soloists (‘special music’) from the worship services is based on the revealed will of God that in His worship the congregation—all the members as one body—is to sing His praise. . . Inevitably, choirs and special numbers in the services not only infringe on the preaching, but also weaken congregational singing. The musical power and beauty of the church is not a large and excellent church choir, but good congregational singing.” 

The Activities Committee of Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church “has been giving some thought to building a library of Christian books which’ would be worth our reading. If there are any who have books they might like to donate. . .contact the committee.” 

A reminder to those of you who have difficulty reading the print in the Standard Bearer: each recent issue of the Standard Bearer is available on cassette tape. If you know of some person who would appreciate a cassette copy of each issue, contact Gary VanDer Schaaf, 826 Edna S.E., Grand Rapids, MI, 49507. Telephone number 1-616-241-4164. 

One of our ministers desires to buy a red book copy ofHistory of Protestant Reformed Churches. This book has been out of print for many years. If you would like to sell a copy of this book, call 1-616-399-4841. 

Hope Protestant Reformed Church had this announcement about handicapped children: “The members of the Society for Protestant Reformed Special Education are thankful to announce that efforts are now being made to begin a Christ centered course of instruction for Protestant Reformed special children. If you are the parent, relative, or friend of one of our children with special needs, or if you have an interest in Protestant Reformed Special education. . .please contact Peter VanDer Schaaf (669-0703) or John Buiter (453-8402).”