The retired clerk of Southwest Church asked that mention be made of the new consistorial clerk andbulletin clerk of Southwest Church. The new clerk is Mr. Gerald Feenstra, 7643 Cardinal Dr., Jenison, Michigan 49428. Phone—616-669-1484.

Office Bearers Conferences are not held exclusively in the Michigan area. Rev. R. Moore was to speak on the subject, “Christian Giving and the Budget” during an Office Bearers Conference on January 27 in the Doon, Iowa, Church. 

The lecture series in Rock Valley, Iowa, continued on December 3 with a speech by Rev. D. Engelsma of South Holland, IL. The subject was “Modern Translations of the Bible—A Help for Understanding or Misunderstanding.” The next speech in the series was scheduled on January 14. Rev. Kortering’s subject was “God loves the world, not all men.” While on his visit to Northwest Iowa, Rev. Engelsma also conducted a chapel service in Doon at the Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed Christian School. 

Many of our churches conduct monthly Sunday evening discussion group meetings. For example, the topic at the January 11 meeting in Isabel, South Dakota, was “What Is Our Calling As Church In the Racial Situation?” 

A Point to Ponder from Loveland’s bulletin: 

“A man who is at peace with God will be often in God’s company.”