Mr. Charles Terpstra, member of Faith PRC in Jenison, Michigan and full-time
registrar/librarian/archivist at the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary

PRC news (denominational)

At the time of this writing (mid-June) the following may be noted concerning ministerial calls in the PRC:

  • D. Kleyn was considering the call to Hudsonville PRC.
  • On June 11 Rev. C. Spronk declined the call to Zion PRC (Jenison, MI) and Rev. D. Noorman the call to Randolph (WI) PRC.
  • M. Kortus was considering calls to Hosanna PRC (Edmonton, AB) and to Loveland (CO) PRC.
  • Doon (IA) PRC had a new trio of Revs. H. Bleyenberg, D. Kleyn, and R. Smit. On June 18 she called Rev. Kleyn.
  • Lynden (WA) PRC formed a new trio of Revs. D. Kleyn, J. Mahtani, and R. Smit. On June 18 she called Rev. Mahtani.

And, of course, as you know by now, the PRC has a new candidate for the ministry of the Word—Matthew Koerner— who sustained his examination at the PRC Synod last month and was declared a candidate. He is eligible for a call after July 15. The Lord has open doors for him to serve in the churches, and we pray that he soon receives a call to one of the vacant congregations.

Seminary news

The PRC Seminary is sponsoring another summer course for the public! All members, men and women, young and old, are welcome to attend or watch online. Prof. B. Gritters will teach regarding the important topic of Christian Discipline. Because all members participate in discipline, the course will be of interest to officebearers as well as non-officebearers. Classes will be held in Hudsonville PRC, Wednesday evenings, from July 12 through August 16, as well as livestreamed through Hudsonville’s website. Time will be reserved for questions. For a detailed outline of the subjects to be taught, please see the seminary website (under the June news) or email the seminary secretary ( or Prof. Gritters ( Look for more details on church bulletins and on the seminary’s website in the weeks ahead.

As noted in the June SB, Sem. A. Haveman begins his internship officially on July 1 in Pittsburgh PRC. But according to a recent bulletin, they plan to put him to work before that: “Seminarian Arend Haveman plans to arrive on Saturday, June 24 to begin his internship. He will preach for us on Sundays June 25 and July 2 while Pastor Bruinsma is away on vacation. We welcome him as he takes up his labors among us for the next 6 months.” Our prayer is that this experience will further confirm the brother in the call to the ministry and prepare him to serve in the churches.

Congregational news

‘Tis the season for…church picnics, one of my favorite times! I can only dream that the RFPA (the SB’s publisher) would give me a stipend to travel the country during the summer months and take them all in, handing out awards to the best dinners (fried chicken!), desserts (banana cream pie!), and games (give me that ol’ sack race!).

So, with that dream intact, we report that Peace PRC in Dyer, IN picnicked at the PR Christian School on June 17. Hudsonville PRC held hers June 21 at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds. Heritage PRC (Sioux Falls, SD) had hers at Riverdale Park on June 24. First PRC (Holland, MI) held hers on June 28 at Lawrence St. Park in Zeeland. Randolph PRC will have hers on the 4th of July, at noon sharp, in Randolph Park. Don’t be late, or you will miss the opening prayer!

Meanwhile, other congregations take advantage of the summer weather for other outdoor activities. Hope PRC in Redlands, CA has a time of outdoor fellowship each Tuesday night at the church and school (next door) for basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and yard games. Or you may simply take a chair and sit and watch and fellowship with fellow saints. Byron Center PRC has coffee-in-the-park times (Douglas Walker Park) during the summer—near the play areas so the children can keep occupied. She also held a fellowship breakfast at the church on June 24.

First PRC (Grand Rapids, MI) is undergoing an approximately three-month construction project on her upper narthex, which involves extending the floor to the outside wall and closing up the open areas as one enters the sanctuary, creating more room for fellowship. That was to begin on June 28.

Georgetown PRC also recently approved a building addition project proposed to her by the Council. This approximately 6,000 sq. foot project involves adding five classrooms, bathrooms, storage for tables and chairs; the hope is to begin the first of August.

Sister-church news

Here’s a special event from our fellow saints in Singapore you will not want to miss—and a cause you will want to support. It’s coming up in early July, so be prepared to participate! Here’s the notice as they advertised it: “Dear friends, we warmly invite you to join us for the *livestream* of our concert, DECLARE YOUR MAKER’S PRAISE. This is a fundraiser for the Covenant Christian Education Society (CCES) of the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church (Singapore). Date: July 7, 2023 | Time: 10:00-11:45 p.m. (EST) We would be deeply grateful for your support at this livestream concert! Please email David Kregel (dave@ if you would like to donate.”

Food for thought

“Beloved, negatively speaking, if we be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, we will lose Christ. That’s all. We will lose Christ. But the apostle says, that we must not lose Christ but must grow up, grow up into Christ. Without Christ we have nothing. In Christ as the head, the organic of the church, is all our salvation. All that we have or ever shall have in regard to the riches of the blessings of salvation is in Christ. In Christ alone is our righteousness, our knowledge of God, our wisdom, our holiness, our sanctification. In Christ is our eternal life. Christ is the Head, from whom flows the fulness of grace and salvation into all His people. Outside of Him we have nothing. Therefore we must grow into Christ, in order that we may grow out of Christ, and in order that growing into and out of Christ, we may become like Christ, conformable to His image.”

Herman Hoeksema, 1950 pre-synodical sermon,

“The Admonition to Be Firm in the Truth”