Mr. Charles Terpstra, member of Faith PRC in Jenison, Michigan and full-time
registrar/librarian/archivist at the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary

PRC news (denominational) 

Loveland PRC’s Consistory published a new trio of Rev. D. Noorman (Southwest PRC-Wyoming, MI), Rev. J. Smidstra (First PRC-Holland, MI), and Rev. C. Spronk (Faith PRC-Jenison, MI). On March 12 they extended a call to Rev. Smidstra. 

Randolph PRC has a new trio from the Consistory to consider: Revs. N. Decker (Grandville-MI PRC), J. Maatman (SE-Grand Rapids PRC), and D. Noorman. The congregation called on March 26.

In PRC Seminary news, the second semester is over the halfway point, which means that midterm exams/ tests were recently taken, and students are working diligently on their major Reformed Dogmatics papers among their other assignments. After a long ‘no-break’ stretch, the faculty and students will enjoy a much-anticipated Spring Break April 3-7. Due to the shortage of ministers in the area, the professors and two eligible students have been extra busy with preaching assignments. During the spring semester the seminary usually receives some special visitors—students from area PR Christian Schools. In February the 5th graders from Adams Christian School paid a visit. In March the 4th graders from Hope PRCS visited. And plans are being made for the annual May visit of the church history students from Covenant CHS. These are busy but wonderful times for the seminary and, we trust, for the students. Work is being done on the Spring 2023 issue of the PR Theological Journal. Watch for the news of that publication soon! And, if you wish to be added to the mailing list to receive it, call or email the seminary. 

Most of us have seen the early notification about the PRC 100th anniversary celebration. The February/March announcement ran like this: “With gratitude to our faithful God, the PRCA look forward to our 100th anniversary. The celebration is planned for June 23-27, 2025 at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI.” And then members were asked to respond to a survey about attendance. We certainly hope that you did and are planning to be part of this wonderful event. Allow me as denominational archivist to ask that you consider donating any and all items of archival (historical) significance before then—photos, recordings, documents, souvenir booklets, YP’s Convention items, etc.— denominational, congregational, and personal (family). Please send to or stop by the PRC Seminary with your items. I’ll be looking for you! 

Congregational news 

It’s the spring season of family visitation in the churches, and what a blessing it is that our pastors and elders take seriously their calling to shepherd the flocks entrusted to them in this way. A glance at various themes published in the bulletins reveals the variety of perspectives taken in visiting the members. Here’s a few examples: 

  • Edgerton-MN PRC: Pure Religion (James 1:26, 27) 
  • Faith PRC-Jenison, MI: Strong in the Lord (Eph. 6:10-18) 
  • Georgetown PRC-Hudsonville, MI: Thanksgiving for One Another (Phil. 1:3-9) 
  • Hudsonville-MI PRC: Trusting in the Lord (Prov. 3:5, 6) 
  • Peace PRC-Dyer, IN: Searching the Scriptures: A Personal, Family, and Congregational Duty (Acts 17:11) 

Heritage PRC-Sioux Falls, SD is hosting the annual Spring Ladies League on Thursday, April 27th. 

Hope PRC-Walker, MI has found an interesting way to finish its Bible society season on April 25: “We would like to invite all societies, young and old, to an end of the society season special talk and slide show presentation on the 1953 history of the PRCA. Come join together for a fitting close of the society season. Any adult member of the congregation who is not a member of a society is also invited to join us.” 

Sister-church news 

Did you know the catechism season begins in March in our sister church in Singapore? In an early March bulletin of Covenant ERC, all the classes were laid out and the students were asked to meet with Pastors Tan and Wee for a “briefing.” 

Also, Covenant ERC has her annual church camp planned out according to recent bulletins: 

  • Speaker: Rev Angus Stewart, Covenant Protestant Reformed Church Northern Ireland 
  • Theme: Come, Let Us Build the Wall! (Neh 2:17) 
  • Venue: Pulai Spring, Johore, Malaysia 
  • Date: 19-22 June 2023 (Mon-Thu) 

In the PRC, Philippines, this notice about Berean PRC’s mission labors regularly appears in her bulletin: “Rev. V. Ibe and family will visit the saints in All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship (AGPRF), Gabaldon, NE., today…. Rev. Ibe will lead the saints there in their worship service at 9 a.m. and followed by their Bible study at 10:45 a.m.” But in her March 5 bulletin, it was added that Rev. Ibe led “‘the Dumagat’ also known as the Agta tribe in Bugnan, Gabaldon, N.E. in the study of God’s Word based on Acts 17 at 3 p.m. on Saturday [March 04, 2023].” 

In Provident PRC, Rev. R. Smit leads the Wednesday night Bible study on the book of Acts, while Rev. D. Kleyn teaches the catechism to the children on Saturday mornings (OT History) and to the young people (Belgic Confession) on Sunday afternoons. 

And, would you meet for a Bible study on Saturday mornings at 9:30? How about online? That’s what they are doing in Covenant PRC in Ballymena, Northern Ireland! They are studying I Thessalonians currently. 

Food for thought 

“And what were some of the darts hurled by Satan at Jesus? The devil tempted Him to distrust God, to commit self-destruction, to yield to the splendor, riches, and possessions of the world, to pay him religious homage. Such was the fiery ordeal through which the Son of God passed. O my soul! count it a great honor to be tempted by the same tempter and with the same temptations as your blessed Jesus, through whom you shall get the victory. Jesus was now being made like unto His brethren. It was necessary, in order to His perfect sympathy with us, that He should be in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin (Heb. 4:15). 

Fly to Him, then, O tempted one, accept your present temptation as sent to make you better acquainted with His preciousness, His sympathy, His grace, His changeless love. Regard it, also, as a part of that spiritual discipline that is to teach your hands to war, and your fingers to fight in the present with the world, the flesh, and the devil; and to prepare you to take your place among the palm-bearing conquerors of heaven, who overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, who shout the victor’s song, and cast their crowns at Jesus’ feet. “Take the shield of faith, with which you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” 

—Octavius Winslow 

(found in Covenant of Grace PRC’s bulletin)