Trivia question

Which PRC minister owned a “PRC-50” ‘vanity’ license plate at the time of the PRC’s 50th anniversary in 1975?

PRC news (denominational)

Classis West met at Hope PRC in Redlands, CA on March 2 for her regular meeting. An officebearers’ conference was held the Tuesday before on the subject of “The Church of Christ: Her Government and Her Sinfulness.” Four ministers from Classis West gave speeches, with two in the afternoon and two in the evening. The speeches were also livestreamed through Hope PRC’s website for the benefit of those not present. Let us hope they also are published at some point for the benefit of all of us.

Minister calls and activities

On February 16 Grace PRC extended a call to Rev. C. Spronk (Faith PRC).

On February 20 Rev. M. Kortus declined the call from Doon PRC.

On February 20 Hudsonville PRC’s Council formed a trio of Revs. D. Kleyn, J. Laning, and J. Marcus.

On February 27 First PRC-Edmonton called Rev. ?

PRC news (congregational)

Annual Prayer Day services were held in the congregations recently, some in February and some in March. In Faith PRC we heard a wonderful message from pastor C. Spronk on the familiar words of Psalm 23:1: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Simple, child-like faith in our loving and caring Shepherd is what we need to practice in this uncertain, tumultuous world.

Cornerstone PRC (Dyer, IN): The choir is planning to sing an Easter Cantata and invited members from the area PRCs (“New voices are always welcome!”) to join them for practices after the morning services from February 27 to April 17. The area churches are also invited to attend the performance of the cantata commemorating the suffering, resurrection, and triumph of our Savior at Cornerstone on Easter Sunday, April 17, at 7:00 p.m.

Doon PRC (IA): The Jr. Adult Bible Society is inviting all those in the congregation post-high and older to join them for a Progressive Supper on Friday, April 1.

Heritage PRC (Sioux Falls, SD): The Activities Committee is planning a game night for March 25—with a special purpose. They want it to be “a fun night to meet the Barnhill family and get to know them more.” Let’s hope that this mission is accomplished for the congregation with regard to their new pastor and his family!

Hope PRC (Walker, MI): In a recent bulletin the Council reported on some significant matters, two of which we include here. First, their church archivist, Vance Grasman, reported that he delivered various historic items from the church to the denominational archives. Now, allow me to pause here a moment and make this an open and unashamed “push” for all of our congregations to do the same! Appoint a historian/ archivist. Have him/her collect materials of significance from the church. And then give them for safe-keeping to the PRC archives at seminary. I’ll be looking for your items. Second, “the Myanmar Committee reported that although there is still much civil unrest in Myanmar, Rev. Titus’ health is improving, he preaches every other week with most of his congregation in attendance, and his family is well.” For that news we give the Lord thanks. And we pray for this brother-pastor and his dear family in their trying circumstances.

Young people activities

The Hull (IA) PRC Young People’s Ice Skating Activity was held Saturday, February 12 at the All-Seasons Center. The young people of the area PRCs were also invited.

The Immanuel PRC (Lacombe, AB) young people invited the congregation to a family skating and sledding day on February 21 at Cranna Lake from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. That included a hot dog roast—outdoors, of course!

I love to see winter enjoyed in these ways! Have you entered into the “treasures of the snow” this winter (Job 38:22)?

The Unity PRC Young People sponsored a Chili Cook-Off Dinner and Silent Auction on February 26 at Zion Christian School. A dinner of chili, hot dogs, and an ice cream bar was served from 5-7 p.m. They also sold homemade baked goods and held a silent auction “with a large variety of wonderful items for the whole family.”

And this one you can still attend if you are in the West Michigan area: “Join the SW PRC Young People’s Society for their pancake breakfast on Saturday, March 19. Breakfast will be served at the church from 8 a.m.- 10 a.m. Gluten free pancakes will be available during breakfast and cinnamon rolls to purchase on your way out.” Proceeds will benefit the 2022 PRYP convention!

PRC Sister-church news

CERC in Singapore: Back in February Pastor J. Tan’s “pastoral note” to his congregation included this comment about a significant development in light of the pandemic in their country: “This is the first Lord’s Day in a long while where we can come together to worship God for both services. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. May the time whereby we cannot gather in such a manner be always etched in our minds and hearts. How once we took for granted the freedom and privilege of worshiping God twice the Lord’s Day together. How we long to ascend mount Zion with the saints to worship our Creator, our Rock, our Redeemer!”

PRC in the Philippines: Classis of the PRCP met Friday February 25 at Provident PRC in Provident Village, Marikina City.

PR Christian school activities

The Northwest Iowa PR School (Doon, IA) held its allschool program on Friday, March 4, in Doon PRC. All supporters were invited to the school after the program for refreshments.

On February 25 Hull PR Christian School held its all-school program in Hull PRC with the theme “Covenant Faithfulness.” The school’s supporters were called to “come and hear the students play instruments, recite, and sing praises to our covenant God.”

And at the PR Christian high school in Hull, the freshmen and sophomore classes at Trinity CHS organized a lasagna supper and volleyball tournament for Friday evening, March 11. All were invited to enjoy lasagna and ice cream, watch volleyball, and enjoy good fellowship.

The Ladies Circle of the Free Christian School in Edgerton, MN gathered on a recent Saturday morning to make and sell pigs-in-the-blanket to raise money for the school. Do we appreciate all that the ladies do for our PR schools? Thank you from the bottom of our heartsand stomachs!

Trivia answer

Rev. Dale Kuiper was the PRC pastor with the “PRC- 50” vanity plate in 1975 according to former church news editor Don Doezema. Which makes one wonder: Which PRC pastor (or member) will grab a “PRC-100” plate in 2025?

Food for thought

“Behind and above the hateful world and the power of darkness stands the Lord of his church. He is the great shepherd of His flock, and He employs the devil and all His servants as His dogs. They are mere instruments in His hands and nothing more. If it were not so, the sufferings and tribulations of the church could never be trials. The devil does not intend to try, but to destroy, the people of God. But God’s thoughts are higher and His counsel shall stand. The devil’s persecutions are God’s trials. Ultimately, the church is not a victim of the enemy, but even in suffering is the beloved of the Lord.”

Herman Hoeksema, Peace for the Troubled Heart (found in Lynden PRC’s bulletin)