Trivia question:

An SB reader in the UK sent in a note asking about the role of the rector in the PRC seminary (answer at the end of the news).

PRC news (Denominational)

  • Minister calls:

From her trio of Revs. N. Decker, M. Kortus, and C. Spronk, Doon PRC (IA) extended a call to Rev. Spronk on November 29.

Hudsonville PRC called Rev. C. Spronk on November 21 from a new trio of Revs. R. Barnhill, D. Noorman, and C. Spronk. He was to give his reply on December 19.

Covenant of Grace PRC (Spokane, WA) announced a new trio of Revs. J. Holstege, J. Langerak, and D. Noorman. On November 28 the congregation voted to call Rev. J. Langerak, currently pastor of Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD.

  • Missions

Rev. D. Holstege finished his labors in the Philippines at the end of November, which included preaching farewell sermons in the Berean PRC and in Provident PRC. He and his wife returned to the States on December 2 and now await permission to enter Canada and take up the ministry in Wingham (Ontario) PRC.

From a recent Georgetown PRC bulletin concerning her work in Vellore, India: The Tamil translations of Heidelberg Catechism and Church Order have been finalized and approved by Pastor Paulraj. While the Church Order is ready to print, some page layout needs yet to be done. Proof reading and editing of the Tamil translation of Canons of Dordt is under way. A harmonizing of the Three Forms of Unity is also being done so that the whole 3FU will have the same flow of language and terminology. The translation into Tamil of the 2nd chapter of Rev. Bruinsma’s studies in Doctrine is underway. Pray for this work of translation. Pray for our beloved brothers and sisters in India in the PRCV and English church. Let us join in these prayers for this pastor and these labors, as well as for our fellow saints there.

  • Seminary

The PRTS finished the regular classes of the first semester on December 10, with exams held December 13-17. May the Lord bless the faculty and students as they break for the weeks of Christmas and New Year. The 2022 Interim will begin January 3, with Prof. R. Dykstra teaching his final one (History and Principles of Christian Education) in place of Prof. Gritters who is part of a delegation to Covenant PRC in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

  • Sister-church visitors

In contrast to last year when no annual sister-church visits could be made due to the pandemic, visits are being made to Covenant ERC in Singapore (Prof. R. Dykstra and elder D. Kregel) and Covenant PRC in Northern Ireland (Prof. B. Gritters and elder S. Miedema) for December and January respectively. May the Lord bless these visits and use them for the mutual good of our sister-church relationships.

PRC news (Congregational)

Sunday School Christmas programs were back on the calendar in the last few weeks in many of our congregations! How we missed them in 2020 and what a delight to hear our SS children praise their Savior in song and verse once again. “Out of the lips of children….”

Calvary (IA) PRC: Calvary hosted the area Ladies League Speech on December 9. Rev. A. Brummel spoke on “Mary the Mother of Jesus: Inspiration for Today’s Women.” A collection was taken for Sioux Falls PR School. The meeting was open to all ladies high-school age and older, who enjoyed dessert and fellowship afterwards.

Crete (IL) PRC: The Crete YPS hosted a Christmas Singspiration on Sunday evening, December 12.

Edgerton (MN) PRC: The Edgerton PRC Young People hosted their annual Christmas Singspiration on Sunday December 19 at First Reformed Church in Edgerton. A collection was received to offset the cost of attending the Young People’s Convention.

Faith (MI) PRC: After a year of postponement due to the pandemic, Faith PRC’s Steering Committee for the 2022 PRYP’s Convention is busy planning and preparing for this summer’s annual young people’s event. It will be held, Lord willing, August 1-5 at beautiful Camp Cedarmore in Bagdad, KY. The chosen theme is “Rejoicing in Our God” based on Psalm 63. Visit the convention website for more updates and ongoing information: prcconvention.com.

Georgetown (MI) PRC: On December 12 the Georgetown PR Church Choir led the congregation in an evening of Christmas praise. Special numbers included audience singing, a piano solo, and several selections by the Voices of Victory.

Hull (IA) PRC: The annual Young People’s Christmas Caroling was held on Saturday afternoon, December 18. The congregation was also invited and encouraged to join for a wonderful time of fellowship and singing praises.

Immanuel PRC and First PRC-Edmonton (CAN): An evening of Christmas praise for the women of Lacombe and Edmonton was held on Thursday, December 16, at Immanuel PRC. The evening began with singing and special numbers and was followed by fellowship, refreshments, and a version of the ladies’ annual Christmas cookie exchange.

Providence (MI) PRC: The GLOW girls met on Saturday morning December 18 to decorate cookies to give away. The Young People went Christmas caroling on Wednesday evening, December 22.

Evangelism news

Loveland PRC’s Evangelism Committee is sponsoring a special Bible study at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, just north of Loveland. This note was in her bulletin at the end of the first semester there: The evangelism committee encourages our young adults and particularly those of college age to attend our last CSU Bible study of this year on December 7th, at 6:00 p.m. in room 308 in the Lori Study Center. Pizza will be served. 

Zion PRC’s Evangelism Committee is holding a community Bible study on the gospel of John at the public library in Jenison, MI. According to a recent conversation with her pastor, Rev. J. Holstege, there have been several regular visitors who attend for which they and we rejoice.

Trivia answer:

The rector of the PRC seminary (currently Prof. R. Cammenga) is a faculty position and not to be confused with the registrar, as it often is. Each professor serves a threeyear term and is appointed by the PRC Synod. Perhaps to appreciate the rector’s work, we do well to publish his list of duties. And then you will understand why he also receives help from the secretary!

  1. Call and preside at faculty meetings: last Friday each month; prepare agenda.
  2. Schedule all chapel exercises (give opening devotions/ chapel at first meeting of the year); practice preaching exercises (in conjunction with all faculty); daily devotions (assign to students; remind of limits).
  3. Practice preaching: preside at practice preaching sessions; keep record of grades; inform students of grade.
  4. Arrange all pulpit supply as requested by the churches.
  5. Arrange all catechism supply (and faculty visits of students’ teaching).
  6. Report monthly for the faculty to the TSC; be present at their meetings.
  7. Carry on correspondence related to the seminary.
  8. Report annually to Synod (Rector’s Report).
  9. Approve the registrar’s schedule of classes each semester (in conjunction with faculty).
  10. Assign mentors for the students.
  11. Internships: Arrange and supervise. Write host consistory and pastor, making the request, and informing of their responsibility.
  12. Graduates: Recommend to TSC that N. N. be examined at synod. Recommend to TSC that the examination be arranged: schedule, sermon texts, texts for exegesis and translation.
  13. Arrange promotion of the seminary with schools.
  14. Write news from seminary for the Standard Bearer.
  15. Inform consistories and churches of student licensure.
  16. Keep registrar informed of decisions and actions of the faculty that would be helpful for him to know.
  17. Report to supervising consistories of non-PRC students of the student’s progress (get student’s written permission to release grades).
  18. Opening devotions at fall picnic.