Trivia question:

What emeritus ministers are still active in preaching and teaching in the PRC? (Answer at the end of this news report.)

PRC news (Denominational)

  • The churches in Classis East marked a special day of prayer on November 2, and some in Classis West observed the same. The reason given for the service was: “Our churches are experiencing great affliction at the present…. This great affliction is evidenced by the ongoing schism that has torn apart the body of Christ, the great need that we as a denomination have for ministers of the Word, and other ongoing afflictions as well” (decision of Classis East in Sept. 2021). It is our prayer that the time spent in God’s house that night was profitable for the saints and glorifying to our God. And may the Lord hear our cries and answer our requests.
  •  Minister calls:

On October 3 Rev. R. Kleyn was installed as the tenth pastor in the history of First PRC-Grand Rapids, MI. Prof. C. Griess, her previous pastor, led the installation service and in the evening pastor Kleyn preached his first sermon in his new congregation.

On October 10 Rev. D. Lee (former pastor of the now disbanded Bethel PRC) accepted the call to Kalamazoo PRC. He was installed by Prof. C. Griess on November 7. We rejoice with Rev. Lee and Kalamazoo PRC in God’s gracious guidance and provision.

On October 10 Rev. R. Barnhill (Peace PRC, Dyer, IN) declined the call from Covenant of Grace PRC (Spokane, WA). Her new trio was made up of Revs. D. Holstege (PRC missionary to the Philippines), D. Noorman (SW-PRC), and C. Spronk (Faith PRC). On October 24 the congregation issued a call to Rev. Spronk.

On October 17 Rev. E. Guichelaar declined the calls he had received from Doon PRC and Hudsonville PRC.

After her reorganization as a congregation and consistory (September 26), Wingham PRC began the process of calling a new pastor. The Council announced a new trio of Revs. D. Holstege, D. Kleyn, and D. Lee. On October 24 she extended a call to Rev. Holstege.

  •  Seminary: The Spring issue of the PRT Journal is now available in its digital forms on the seminary’s website (www. p r c t s . o r g / journal) and in print. If you wish to pick up a copy, stop in at the seminary. If you want to be added to our mailing list, contact Sharon Kleyn, the seminary secretary (seminarysecretary@
  • Last month the Reformed Witness Hour ( celebrated a significant milestone in her history. This notice went out from the RWH Committee: With thankfulness to God, the Reformed Witness Hour Committee celebrates 80 years since the first broadcast of the RWH on October 12, 1941. Over 4,100 weekly programs have aired on radio, and more recently on Internet, in North America and abroad during these years. We thank the people of our churches who faithfully have taken on the long-term commitment of praying and giving to support this radio ministry. We especially want to thank the pastors who have given of their time to produce the sermons for our broadcasts. Will you please pray that God will continue to use the RWH to glorify Himself, to gather His elect, and to build up His church worldwide?

PRC news (Congregational)

  •  The fall season brings the return of Bible studies to the churches. What is your society studying this year? Here are a few samples of what others are doing: Calvary PRC—Romans; Faith PRC—Hebrews and Zechariah (led by Sem. Intern Marcus Wee); Hope PRCGR— James and Jude; Hull PRC—Genesis; Pittsburgh PRC—II Timothy. May the study of God’s Word be precious to us in these days in which we live. “I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word” (Ps.119:16).
  •  Doon PRC (NW Iowa) is currently undergoing a building addition. We hope to have more details next time.
  •  Grace PRC (Standale, MI): Now here’s a unique fundraiser! Grace young people are holding a scrap metal drive from Oct. 30 to Nov. 20. Dumpster is available at Grace Church or call Scott Kooienga to arrange for pickup. I think I might have some items in my garage. I wonder if they take old satellite dishes.
  • Hudsonville PRC (MI) operates a small bookstore in downtown Hudsonville. The Reformed Book Outlet is open four days a week and you are welcome to shop in-store on those days. Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (10- 5), and Saturday (10- 1). Or you may place an order online by visiting their website at www.reformed With the holidays coming, this is a good time to pick up some gifts!



Sister-Church news

  • PRC-Philippines: The churches and mission are eagerly anticipating the delayed return of Rev. D. Holstege, his wife, and family from their furlough in the U.S. In a recent Provident PRC bulletin we find this welcome note: Rev. and Sis. Leah Holstege and family have now received the necessary documents and permission from the Philippine Government to return to the Philippines. They are scheduled to return on Nov. 17, the Lord willing. Upon arrival, they will undergo a mandatory quarantine. Let us pray for them as they make preparations for their return. We join the saints there in prayer for this. Are we remembering to pray for our other pastors there too?
  •  Covenant ERC-Singapore: Earlier this month our sister in Singapore held her annual Reformation Day remembrance. This was the notice as it appeared in her bulletin: The Lord willing, we will be having our annual Reformation Day Conference on the 3rd and 4th of November. …Based on the reformational principle of Semper Reformanda, which means, “Reformed and always reforming,” the theme of the 2021 RDC is “Always Reforming in Me.” The first speech is entitled, “The Word and Creeds in Me.” There, we would treat the question of how should God’s Word and the Reformed Confessions relate to our personal lives. In the second speech, “The Reformation Living in Me,” we will be looking at the life of Martin Luther and the Reformation, with the special focus on how we can live out the Reformation personally in our lives in our present-day to the glory of God.

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  •  Covenant PRC—N. Ireland: Don’t forget to read each issue (monthly) of the “Covenant Reformed News”! You may find it on the PRC website under the news section ( as well as on CPRC’s website:

Food for thought:

“It is not only the sum and substance of the preceding doctrine, but the meaning of almost the whole gospel, that we are to depart from sin; and yet, though we are always exposed to God’s judgment, we are certain that Christ so intercedes by the sacrifice of his death, that the Father is propitious to us. In the meantime, he also anticipates an objection, lest any one should think that he gave license to sin when he spoke of God’s mercy, and shewed that it is presented to us all. He then joins together two parts of the gospel, which unreasonable men separate, and thus lacerate and mutilate.”

 ~ John Calvin on I John 2:1 
(Found in a recent Loveland PRC bulletin)

Trivia Answer:

Six of our emeritus ministers are busy preaching/ teaching: Revs. M. DeVries, Prof. D. Engelsma, R. Hanko, K. Koole, T. Miersma, and J. Slopsema. We thank God for their labors, even as we thank the Lord for all of our emeritus pastors and professors.