Trivia question:

How many Protestant Reformed Christian Schools (not counting the pre-schools) are there?

Minister call updates

  •  Rev. R. Barnhill received the call from Covenant of Grace PRC on September 12.
  •  From a trio of Revs. N. Decker, E. Guichelaar, and C. Spronk, Rev. Guichelaar received the call from Doon PRC on September 19.
  • From Hudsonville PRC’s new trio of Revs. E. Guichelaar, C. Haak, and D. Lee, Rev. Guichelaar received the call on September 19.

PR Christian school news

  •  Hope PR Christian School: We happily share this good news concerning Hope PRCS: “With thankfulness to God, Hope PRC School of Grand Rapids will be celebrating 75 years of Christian education on January 21, 2022. A program and an open house to see the school renovation are being planned.” You will want to mark your calendars for that date!
  •  Loveland PR Christian School: This school has some exciting news to share surrounding the dedication of her new facility on August 20, 2021 (see photo). Perhaps it is best to quote from her September newsletter: “Greetings from the Loveland School Society! We are excited to bring you the latest updates on our Christian school and new building in Loveland, Colorado. We’ve been busy this past spring and summer leaving our old building and preparing the new building for this school year. Now, we are happy to share that we are in our new home! Many days were spent planning, painting, replacing the roof, installing IT networks, installing a new gym floor, cleaning and moving! We are thankful to the many volunteers for making it happen! Many new emotions hit us as we saw the transition over the past few months from where it was when we purchased it, to where it is now. It’s amazing to see God’s blessing for us as just a little while ago there were only plans, and now many of these plans are completed projects. Our children are now walking the new hallways and learning their subjects taught to them by our teachers through a Reformed and Christ-centered perspective.”
  • Redeemer Christian School (Zeeland, MI): This new Christian school endeavor in West Michigan is busy making plans and preparing for a 2022-23 start-up. In her September 2021 newsletter the board gave this summary in its opening paragraph: “September is upon us and we are excited to share what we have been working on over the past few weeks. Fundraising has officially started. The Education Committee is busy working on curriculum development and will begin the search for an Administrator and teachers very soon. Additionally, the Building Committee is actively searching for a building in which to begin the 2022-2023 school year. While we’ve experienced some setbacks, there has also been a lot of positive progress!”
  •  Sioux Falls (SD) PR Christian School: After several years of planning and preparing, the SFPRCS is finally off the ground! The Board has this update in her summer 2021 newsletter: “As announced in our previous newsletter, the Sioux Falls School Board is pleased to announce that we were able to sign two experienced teachers for the 2021-2022 school year, fulfilling our staffing needs to start a grade school (starting K-5th) this August, Lord willing. With that in mind, we have been working diligently to start the school, including getting playground equipment installed, setting up policies and a handbook, completing maintenance to the lower level of Heritage PRC, and establishing a school calendar. We are also assessing options for the school to assist with transportation needs for offsite school activities and potential busing of students.” And in Heritage PRC’s bulletin recently was this note as well: “Please save this Friday night [Sept. 24] for the annual Sioux Falls School Association lecture where Rev. Jonathan Langerak will be speaking on ‘Learning Pleasant Words.’ The lecture will begin at 7 p.m. with refreshments, fellowship, and an open house for the new Sioux Falls PRCS to follow.” We rejoice with the society and board in the fulfillment of their godly desire for their own PRCS!
  •  Wingham, ON: Sadly, due to the schism in the Wingham PRC, the Christian school there could not open its doors this Fall. They are hopeful for a fresh start next year and covet your prayers as they face this difficult year. May we not forget them and their needs.
  •  Finally, the PR Teacher’s Institute will hold its annual “Teachers’ Convention” October 21-22 at Covenant Christian HS in Grand Rapids, MI. May the Lord use this special time for the continued enrichment, edification, and encouragement of our PRCS educators. We pray for you all!

Trivia answer:

There are currently 18 PR Christian schools, elementary and secondary.