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Sister-church activities

From the bulletin of the CERC in Singapore:

It has been three years and almost eight months to be exact, that our congregation has been without a minister of the Word of our own. Come tomorrow afternoon, we will meet to vote to extend a call to candidate Josiah Tan to be our own minister, DV. 9 Aug. is not just the country’s National Day, but it is also a day of significance in the history of CERC. …we covet your prayers that God be pleased to give us a minister of His choosing soon.

From the bulletin of Covenant PRC of Northern Ireland:

Pastor and Mary Stewart fly to the U.S. tomorrow (July 26), returning on Tuesday, 17 August. May the Lord watch over and keep all of you while we are apart. The farewell lunch for Rev. and Larisa McGeown is planned for this Saturday, 31 July, at noon at Antrim’s Lough Shore Park. Due to COVID restrictions, people should bring their own pack lunches. Rev. McGeown will preach at both services next Lord’s Day, 1 August, with a presentation to Rev. and Larisa after the evening service.

From the bulletin of the Berean PRC in the Philippines: PRCP Seminary Instruction:

A new semester of seminary instruction began recently on August 10 for our seminary student, Bro. Ace Flores. However, because of ECQ [Enhanced Community Quarantine] in Metro Manila from August 6 to 20, and possibly longer, the original plan for this semester has been reorganized into two parts by Committee 1. In the first part of the semester from August 10 to October 1, Bro. Ace is taking two courses with Rev. Holstege via Zoom, and fulfilling some take-home assignments and review work with Rev. Kleyn and Rev. Smit. Then, in the second part of the semester from October 12 until December 3, Bro. Ace will continue his two courses with Rev. Holstege via Zoom and will also receive three courses from Rev. Kleyn and Rev. Smit in-person at the seminary library in Antipolo. Although the plan for this semester has been disrupted and revised, may the Lord bless the instruction that we can still give to Bro. Ace in the next several months for his preparation to serve in the ministry of the Word and Sacraments in the PRCP, if the Lord so wills. Please remember our student and instructors in fervent prayer before the Lord for His indispensable blessing upon them.


Young People’s activities

On August 8 the Young Calvinists hosted a singspiration at Zion PRC for all young people and young adults. It promised to be a great evening of singing, and they hoped to fill the sanctuary, with all encouraged to bring their friends. On August 25 the Young Calvinists hosted an outdoor bonfire/singing night with all young people and young adults encouraged to come for capture the flag, s’mores, singing, and meditations on Scripture.

The Midwest YP’s Retreat was scheduled for August 9-11 at Inspiration Hills. The area churches looked forward to welcoming the young people for a few days of fun and fellowship! A pre-singspiration took place on Sunday evening, August 8, at Hull PRC at 7:45 p.m. making use of our theme: “Walking Worthy” based on Ephesians 4:1-3. The singspiration was livestreamed from the Hull PRC website.


School activities

The 9th Annual Hope Foundation Clay Shooting Event will be Saturday, September 18, at Kent County Conservation League (Ada, MI). Contact Matt DeBoer at Sounds like fun to this pheasant hunter! I sure hope someone enters a 16-gauge side-by-side, my gun of choice. Minister activities Doon PRC formed a trio, from which to call a pastor, of Rev. Barnhill (Peace PRC), Rev. Guichelaar (Randolph PRC) and Rev. Spronk (Faith PRC). On August 15 the congregation at Doon voted to call Rev. Barnhill.

Hudsonville PRC called Rev. R. Kleyn (Covenant of Grace PRC) to be her next pastor.

First PRC (Grand Rapids) also called Rev. R. Kleyn to be her next pastor. On August 22 he accepted First’s call and declined Hudsonville’s.

Kalamazoo PRC called Rev. Matt De Boer (Edgerton PRC) to be her next pastor. May God give clear indications of His will in all these instances.


Evangelism activities

Advance Notice: The Crete Evangelism Committee is planning the annual Reformation Day lecture for October 29, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. CT. Mr. Dan VanUffelen, teacher of church history at Covenant Christian High School, will speak on “Post Tenebras Lux: The Vocation Reformation.” All are welcome to attend and the lecture will also be streamed on YouTube ( and click on YouTube link.)

The five Siouxland area churches of the Midwest are again sponsoring a Bible study at Dordt College entitled “The Young Reformers’ Bible Study.” At the time of this writing students were just moving into college and details regarding the day and time of this activity were not yet finalized. All Dordt students were encouraged to attend and bring friends. Others in the local area are welcomed too.


Trivia answer

The truth is…we don’t know about future trivia questions. But we do know that this will be the last from news editor Perry Van Egdom. After seven quick years I believe it time to pass off the reins to another worthy candidate. A new perspective would benefit our readers. Thanks for your kind comments regarding the news.


“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:3.