Our church in Redlands, California has extended a call to Rev. Kenneth Koole of Randolph, Wisconsin. The Redlands trio also included Rev. Marvin Kamps and Rev. Richard Moore. 

A review of calls declined recently is as follows: Rev. Kamps from Lynden to serve as home missionary; Professor H. C. Hoeksema from Hudsonville to serve as minister-on-loan to Christchurch, New Zealand; Professor H. Hanko from Redlands; and Rev. David Engelsma from Hope, Walker, Michigan. 

There has been quite a bit of activity of late involving church buildings our congregations use or plan to use in the future. A new church building is under construction in Wyckoff, New Jersey, for our congregation there. The masons have now completed the second (upper) half of the foundation. The lower half of the foundation is buried, the block for the lower part of the basement is laid, plastered, and tarred. The next part of the project is the framing and also some further excavating. 

The congregation in Isabel, South Dakota approved the building of a new addition to their parsonage. Redlands approved the building plans presented by the consistory at a special congregational meeting on January 21. The building committee is now working to obtain a building permit in order that construction can begin on the new church in Redlands. South Holland has scheduled a collection to be taken the first Sunday of each month for their Future Expansion Fund. Our church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is in the process of finalizing plans for a new church building. Construction is scheduled to start this spring. A sketch of their new church is on the Kalamazoo Bulletin — and an attractive one it is. Loveland has also appointed a committee to examine the future needs of the congregation. 

A milestone of sorts was achieved recently. The first news in four and one-half years was received from our Kalamazoo Church. Thank you! A news column tends to be rather skimpy with no news to report — and gathering of the news depends for the most part on a far-flung network of unsung pastors, bulletin clerks, and others who take the time and the postage to send in copies of their bulletins. 

In addition to news of their building plans, Kalamazoo had more to report. Four young people recently made confession of their faith. This is always a special event in any congregation, but especially meaningful in a small congregation. On Thursday evening, February 21, Professor Herman Hanko lectured in Kalamazoo on the topic, “Interpreting the Bible.” A sizable group of visitors attended the lecture and showed interest. 

Rev. Engelsma, pastor of our church in South Holland, Illinois was invited to speak on “The Incarnation” for the Christian Fellowship of Students at the University of Chicago on February 8. 

Recently the Young People’s Federation Board published a booklet containing a series of articles by Rev. C. Hanko, originally printed in the Beacon Lights, entitled “Leaving Father and Mother.” The booklet addresses many of the questions young people face in choosing a life-mate and making a life for themselves. Copies may be ordered for $1.50 from Miss Grace Faber, 4190 Burton SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506. You may also be interested in the Beacon Lights, a monthly publication intended for and published by young people. A subscription is $5.00 per year and can be entered through Miss Faber. 

The consistory of First Church in Grand Rapids purchased a supply of the booklet “Leaving Father and Mother” and sent a copy to each of the young people in the congregation between the ages of 14 and 20, as the consistory felt that these well-written articles could be read with profit by the young people. 

Mr. Dewey Engelsma has been busy of late bringing his program of slides on Singapore and the work our churches have undertaken there to many of our churches. Mr. and Mrs. Societies seem to be especially active in bringing this interesting program to their respective churches. A future program is scheduled in Faith Church, Jenison, Michigan on March 19. 

A Singspiration, directed by Mr. Roland Petersen, was held on Sunday evening, February 17, in First Church. One of the things the director asked us to sing was Psalter 424 — but not in the style we are accustomed to singing these tunes taken from the Geneva Psalter dating from the time of the Reformation. Usually we sing these in chorale style with all notes of equal length — and quite slowly. Try singing one of these songs as written — and about twice as fast as ‘normal’ — you might even like it as it was originally intended to be sung! 

K. G. V.