Trivia question

Which student did Synod 1960 examine and declare a candidate for the ministry of the Word and sacraments in the PRC? Answer later in this column.


Minister activities

Hudsonville PRC formed a new trio of Rev. C. Griess (First PRC—Grand Rapids, MI), Rev. E. Guichelaar (Randolph PRC), and Rev. R. Kleyn (Covenant of Grace PRC—Spokane, WA). Rev. Griess received this call, declining it on April 18. Kalamazoo, MI PRC called Rev. R. VanOverloop. Wingham PRC called Rev. J. Smidstra (First PR Holland, MI). Rev. Smidstra declined this call. Byron Center PRC called Rev. J. Engelsma (Doon PRC). God led Rev. Engelsma to decline and remain in Doon.


Congregational activities

The five Siouxland area churches annually hold a Combined Men’s Society meeting. This year it was held on March 15 at Hull PRC. Bible study began at Hebrews 10:7. For after-recess, the Doon men presented for discussion Rev. Engelsma’s article “A Servant Leader” in the June 2018 Standard Bearer (vol. 94, no. 17).

This was on the bulletins of the above-mentioned five churches in March: “SAVE THE DATE! A Midwest Young People’s Retreat is being planned for our area freshman though 2020 high school graduates. This retreat will take place at Inspiration Hills on August 9-11. Sign-up sheets will be available today, and we ask that young people who plan to attend sign up by March 22nd. We plan to open up registration to all of Classis West after learning how many of our own area young people plan to attend.”

This from the bulletin of Lacombe, Alberta: “Has this warm weather got you thinking about summer holidays? Well, it sure has for us! That’s why the planning committee is pleased to announce the dates for our upcoming church camp! Please reserve in your calendars August 2-5, 2021. There are many details yet to be figured and much more planning to do, but we hope to see you there!”


School activities

Those in northwest Iowa were invited to an evening of Protestant Reformed high-school bands from Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin joining together to present a program on Friday evening, April 16. And we are certain they made a joyful noise! If you missed it, you may find the concert on YouTube at https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=MiHZ8qSwWrc.

Future Teachers and Ministers: Information for the 2021 PR Scholarship Fund essay competition is now available. Please email prcscholarship@gmail.com to receive the essay topics and submission requirements. Completed essays must be submitted by May 31.

Covenant Christian School in Lynden, WA held their All-school program recently. What follows is taken from their bulletin: “He is the Lord of the sea and Ruler of the waves! Covenant Christian School presents its annual school program, ‘The Lord of the Depths,’ this week Friday, March 26, at 7:30 p.m. at our church. Please join us as we, through singing, recitation, and video, celebrate our Lord, the Creator and Ruler of the ocean! Hope to see you there!”


Sister-church news

On March 14 something happened in the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore that seldom happens! No less than six infants were baptized in one service. What a joy for the parents and witnessing congregation. Hope they had plenty of warm water!


Young people’s activities

The young people in Hull, IA PRC were busy creating a new area church directory. By area is meant the five Siouxland area churches. Easter singspirations abounded throughout the denomination, most hosted by the young people. Yes, we sang of our risen Redeemer!


A glimpse from the past—1959 & 1960

In the evening of September 15, 1959 an excited crowd of about 160 gathered in Southwest PRC for the purpose of organizing a PR High-School Society…. That evening 94 charter members signed up…. Rev. and Mrs. R. Veldman along with Rev. and Mrs. C. Hanko celebrated 30th wedding anniversaries…. They also celebrated 30 years in the gospel ministry, all in September of 1959! …Rev. H. Veldman of Edgerton, MN accepted the call to labor in the Redlands, CA PRC. Also, after meeting in Legion Halls and similar buildings since 1953, the congregation at Redlands purchased the church, social hall, and parsonage from the Free Methodists located at Colton Ave. and Webster St. With a great deal of volunteer help by the men and women of the congregation, the Building Committee completely remodeled and redecorated the parsonage…. Seminarian Jason Kortering was scheduled to preach for the congregation at Hull, IA, leading the vacant group in seven services over the holiday season…. The December “Indian Summer” weather enjoyed in Michigan gladdened the hearts of Southeast’s Building Committee, for the builders of the new church were able to accomplish much in that unexpected warm spell. The new church should seat over 300 people…. The January 5 issue of the Grand Rapids Press reported that the Michigan Supreme Court upheld the right of the Rev. Herman Hoeksema faction to retain control of the First Protestant Reformed Church…. Doon’s Consistory decided to conduct an adult Bible class on Friday evenings, with Rev. G. VanBaren treating the material found in “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine”…. Rev. Herman Hoeksema commemorated 40 years of gospel ministry in First PRC…. Rev. C. Hanko spent three weeks preaching in Isabel, SD and Forbes, ND as requested by the Mission Committee…. The congregation at Holland, MI held the first service in their new meeting place at Washington and West 12th St…. The consistory at Redlands, CA decided the members there would drink the wine in unison in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, adding to the unity of the sacrament…. Classis West decided to adopt a set of rules for parliamentary procedure, and to request Synod to incorporate these rules in a new Church Order book, together with a constitution for the Classical Committee…. The Young People’s Society of Southeast PRC sponsored a Protestant Reformed Music Festival, the first of its kind…. Edgerton, MN PRC installed Rev. B. Woudenberg as their pastor…. First PRC took drastic measures to protect their auditorium from damage caused by a leaking roof…. Classis East met in Hope PRC of Grand Rapids, with Rev. H. Hanko presiding and his father Rev. C. Hanko transcribing the minutes as clerk…. The Ladies’ Society in Doon, IA sponsored a singspiration with proceeds to go for a new tile floor in the church basement.


Trivia answer

The young man declared a candidate in 1960 was Jason Kortering, who went on to serve God in the congregations at Hull, IA (twice), Hope (Walker, MI), Hope in Redlands, CA, Loveland, CO, and Grandville, MI, as well as serving as minister-on-loan to Singapore. Rev. Kortering became emeritus in 2002 and recently passed to glory. More trivia next time.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:3.