Trivia question

Which is the easternmost PRC congregation in Classis West? See the church profile part of this article for your answer. More trivia next time.

Sister-church activities

The congregation of Covenant PRC in Ballymena, Northern Ireland held their annual congregational dinner at a place called The Thatch in Broughshane on February 21.

This announcement about the 2020 British Reformed Fellowship Family conference is now out:

Join Reformed believers from around the world at the 2020 British Reformed Fellowship family conference at Castlewellan Castle in Northern Ireland from Saturday, July 11 to Saturday, July 18. Our speakers, Prof. David Engelsma and Rev. Andy Lanning, will lecture on “Union with Christ.” For information see the website http://brfconference.weebly.com or contact Briana Prins at 616-214-2779; bprins@covenantchristianhs.org. Rooms are filling quickly, so complete your booking form today!

Our brothers and sisters in Singapore are vitally aware of the Yuhan coronavirus that is so prevalent in the country of China and spreading throughout the world. The following was printed on the CERC bulletin in February:

WUHAN VIRUS ADVISORY: Session’s advice to all worshippers regarding Wuhan Virus with respect to Sunday Worship:

  1. If you have visited Mainland China recently, you are advised to stay at home 14 days from your date of return to Singapore and to monitor your health closely, and see a doctor promptly if you are unwell.

  2. If you have fever, cough or breathlessness, or are feeling unwell, please seek medical attention immediately and you are advised to refrain from coming to church.

  3. If you do not have a fever but have runny nose or cough, you are advised to refrain from coming to church.

  4. Thermometers will be provided at the reception area for you to take your own temperature for self­-monitoring.

  5. Those not attending service in church are encouraged to join via live streaming.

  6. For latest updates on Wuhan Virus, you may visit MOH website at https://www.moh.gov.sg/2019-ncov-wuhan.

CERC is doing this to assure the other tenants of the building where they worship that their members are not contaminating the building with the virus.

Young people’s activities

The Western Young People’s Retreat, hosted by the Lynden and Spokane young people, will be held July 14–17, 2020, at Camp Sanders in Northern Idaho. This is a retreat for young people ages 13–18 (going into 9th–12th grade). More information and registration will be available in March. Contact Rev. Kleyn at r.kleyn@ prca.org if you have any questions.

Young people are always busy. Such has been the case lately. Among other things, Providence PRC young people hosted their annual Chili-Cook-off at Adams Christian School; the young people of Grace PRC held their annual Night of Music; Trinity PRC completed their Culvers’ fundraiser; Hudsonville PRC young peo­ple held their soup supper and silent auction; and Byron Center PRC young people invited all to their fundrais­er entitled “Joyful Praise With One Accord.” I see the Grace young people also sold subs, croissants, and cin­namon rolls. A flurry of activity!

The young people of the Wingham, Ontario PRC hosted their annual church skate recently. All were en­couraged to join in a time of fellowship and fun at the Howick Arena with coffee and donuts to be provided. Hopefully most stayed on their skates most of the time with not too many tumbles!

Denominational activities

Classis West met in Peace PRC, Dyer, IN on March 4.

Minister activities

On February 16 we heard that Rev. R. Barnhill was led by God to decline the call extended to him by the Kalamazoo, MI congregation. The Consistory formed a new trio of Revs. J. Engelsma, S. Key, and C. Spronk.

Cornerstone PRC formed a new trio of Revs. M. De Boer, J. Engelsma, and J. Smidstra. They called on March 1.

Concerning Rev. J. Mahtani and the call to Cove­nant ERC in Singapore: The last report was that the Singaporean government denied Rev. Mahtani an em­ployment pass and that the Session of CERC, Council of Grandville PRC, and the Contact Committee were considering further options for his laboring in Singa­pore as minister-on-loan. The Session of CERC decided to file one more appeal of this decision to the Ministry of Defense.