News From Our Churches

We have a couple of short items for the little space that remains for the news column. Prospect Park made a trio consisting of the Revs. D. Kuiper, R. Miersma, and R. Moore. They elected to send the call to Rev. Moore. The call to serve as Home Missionary was declined by Rev. Engelsma, who subsequently accepted the call to serve as pastor of our South Holland congregation. 

Then we have a couple of local statistics which, I think, are of at least passing interest. First, in the bulletin of First Church there was an expression of thanks by Mrs. Wm. Nienhuis for the cards she had received on herninety-ninth birthday. And, second, Scott Michael Lubbers was born on December 4, 1973. He’s a little young, therefore, to appreciate the fact that his membership by baptism in the Hudsonville congregation marks what must be something of a record in our churches. It happens that the membership role there includes also the names of Scott’s father, his grandfather, his great grandmother, and, finally, Mr. Jacob Schut, his great, great grandfather. Five generations in one congregation! From the rest of us — congratulations! 

And, finally, this requested announcement: Clerk and bulletin editor of Southwest Church is Mr. Phillip J. Lotterman, 871 Rushmore St., Jenison, Michigan 49528. The treasurer of Southwest is still Mr. John Vander Woude, 7085 Sunset, also in Jenison. D.D.