Trivia question

Prof. Barry Gritters traveled to the Siouxland area of Iowa to give a Reformation lecture. What was his topic? Answer later in this column.

Minister activities

The Lord has led Rev. Jon Mahtani to accept the call to serve as minister-on-loan to Singapore. May God be with him and his family, as well as with Cornerstone PRC and Covenant ERC as they make this transition.

Immanuel PRC of Lacombe, AB Canada has issued a call to Rev. Ryan Barnhill, pastor in Peace PRC of Dyer, IN. On November 24 he declined this call.

Congregational activities

The Activities Committee at Providence PRC planned a “Clue at the Cakery” night on Friday November 15. This included dinner and a mystery/scavenger hunt game resembling the board game Clue. It was billed as a fun interactive game night! This sounds like a big hit and something I’d like to try!

First PRC of Edmonton, AB held their ever-popular Car Rally on Remembrance Day with lots of competitors.

Young people’s activities

The Young People’s Thanksgiving Mass Meeting was held December 1 at Trinity PRC at 2 p.m. with a speech by Rev. W. Langerak on “Spreading the Word as Young People” based on 1 Thess.1:8.” All young people were encouraged to attend for a time of fellowship and growth.

The young people of First PRC of Holland, MI held a soup supper recently, offering five different delicious soups and also serving grilled cheese sandwiches and dessert. A great menu for a cool weather gathering.

Cornerstone PRC young people held an action-packed dodgeball tournament! Hopefully everyone survived unscathed.

Providence young people sold Hungry Howie’s pizza certificates and homemade old-fashioned sea foam and banket. According to their announcement these were perfect for holiday parties or gift giving.

The Annual Wingham young people’s volleyball tour­nament was held recently. There was room for 12 teams and each team had to include two girls. The event was advertised as a “fun, action-packed, food-filled day!” Hopefully you made it there. If not, you missed a great event and you should plan on attending next year.

The young people in Hull, IA PRC held a game night for all those in the congregation over 60 years old. I’m guessing there were some good checkers players in that crowd! A game I could never beat my dad at.

The young people in Lynden, WA PRC began to dis­cuss dating recently. Here’s how their bulletin read:

Dating wasn’t done in Bible times, but the Bible still has much to say about this modern practice. Do we have a biblical perspective on dating? Let’s begin by discussing your answers to the questionnaire on dating that was handed out last week. Then we’ll begin reading and discussing Rev. Engelsma’s new book, Dating Differently. Come prepared tonight for another good discussion!

I do believe all of our young people’s societies could benefit from this new book, available from the RFPA.

The young people and diaconate of Peace PRC in Dyer, IN planned a fall cleanup day for elderly members of their congregation. Those in need of assistance simply had to sign up and help was on the way! A nice idea.

School activities

The Mothers’ Circle of Hope PR School (Walker, MI) recently made and sold pigs-in-the-blanket as a fundraiser. And their holiday fudge fundraiser was once again a success! Hope also held their All-School Program entitled “Lead Me Lord” in the auditorium of Grandville high school. And at a special society meeting in November to consider purchasing an adjacent piece of property (for parking) and a building project (for a new music room), both proposals passed.

The Free Christian School of Edgerton made the Minnesota version of pigs-in-the-blanket.

Heritage Christian School Foundation’s “Evening of Praise” was held November 30 with a dessert reception to follow the concert in Grandville high school. The All-School program was held at Fair Haven Ministries with the theme “The Lord’s Prayer.”

Covenant Christian High School choirs have record­ed a new CD titled “Finish Well.” Delivery of CDs should be before Christmas.

The Taste of Loveland cookbook benefiting Love­land PRCS is for sale for a discounted price of $16 plus S&H, free shipping on orders of 2 or more. These make great gifts for family, friends, singles, and newlyweds! Special offers good through the year-end. Please con­tact Brittany DeJong at to place your order. Mmmm!

Denominational news

The seminary has announced that Josiah Tan, a student from Covenant ERC in Singapore, has been licensed to bring a word of edification in the churches.

Trivia answer

Prof. B. Gritters’ lecture was on the fourth commandment, “The Command God’s People Love to Keep.” He ended with a short and pertinent verse that goes like this: “A Sabbath profaned whate’er may be gained, is a certain forerunner of sorrow. But a Sabbath well spent brings a week of content, and health for the toils of tomorrow.” Amen to that!

Profiles of the churches are starting to come in. Please send yours in soon. Judging by the early entries they should be interesting to all!