Hope Church in Walker, Michigan scheduled a special congregational meeting on Monday, March 10. The congregation voted to extend a call to one of its own members, Professor Herman Hanko. The trio also included Rev. G. Van Baren and Rev. B. Woudenberg.

Our church in Redlands, California extended a call to Rev. Kenneth Koole of Randolph, Wisconsin. 

Rev. Robert Harbach was scheduled to have eye surgery on Wednesday, March 5, in Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Rev. Arie den Hartog and his family arrived safely in Singapore on Friday, February 1. He and his family were welcomed by many members of the Gospel Letters and Tract Society (G.L.T.S.) when they arrived at the airport. The G.L.T.S. has acquired a ‘nice place’ for the home of the den Hartog family in the Bedok section of Singapore. The Doon bulletin goes on to say that “We thank our faithful God for Rev. den Hartog’s safe arrival and seek His blessing upon the Word preached by us there through our Missionary.” The Hull bulletin reports that Rev. den Hartog will labor as missionary in Singapore for two years, D.V., and then return to the States for a two-month furlough. 

Construction of a new sanctuary for our Covenant Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey is progressing. The carpenters were to begin framing the building in early March. If all goes as planned the building ought to be closed in by the time spring arrives. Covenant also received some rather encouraging news that one of their bondholders has asked to donate a piano and an organ to the congregation. 

Hope Church in Walker, Michigan approved a proposal to install carpeting and paneling in their large society room in the church basement. 

Our Southeast Church in Grand Rapids started a new procedure the first of the year. At the close of the service, after the Benediction, the congregation is asked to maintain a moment of silence while the elders go forward to shake hands with the minister, then the minister and elders go to the various exits to greet the congregation. The congregation begins to exit as the organist begins the postlude. 

The elders and deacons of our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan have decided to meet separately from now on. Up to this time they have met jointly. The new procedure is as follows: the deacons (diaconate) will continue to meet on the first Tuesday of each month. The elders and deacons (council) will meet on the second Tuesday of each month to consider matters for the attention of both of them. After that business is finished, the deacons will leave, and the elders (consistory) will meet to consider business particular to their office. 

Our congregation in Loveland, Colorado recites orally the Apostles Creed which is contained in the prayer of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Apparently they had also recited orally the Lord’s Prayer, but the consistory decided to discontinue that practice in order to avoid confusion. 

The Reformed Witness Committee of our Edgerton, Hull, and Doon Churches published a newsletter recently. The committee decided to see if the 600 persons on their permanent mailing list really wanted to receive their publications. Each person on the list was sent a message that in order to stay on the list, they would have to let the committee know. The list dropped from 600 to 0 and then rebounded to 50. Through this effort the committee also received many letters of encouragement. Beside the permanent mailing list, the committee sends 500 copies of each of their pamphlets to the Standard Bearer office and 750 to Loveland for distribution there. Whenever the committee sponsors a lecture series, they bulk-mail pamphlets in the area in which the lecture is scheduled. The latest pamphlets published by the committee .are: “Pentecostalism” by Rev. Bekkering; “Women in Office” by, Professor Decker; and “Predestination” by Rev. Flikkema. 

The Covenant Christian High School Alumni Choir has made available a cassette recording of their Christmas program presented in First Church last December 16. The title of the program is “A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.” While this is not a professionally produced recording in wide-vision-stereo- matic sound, it will allow you to enjoy this beautiful program. If you wish to look forward to Christmas or to enjoy Christmas past — send your tape request with $2 to: Tape Ministry, First Protestant Reformed Church, 1145 Franklin SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507.