Trivia question

You may have heard the Latin phrase in loco parentis. Do you know what that means? Answer later in this column.

Sister church activities

There is a Protestant Reformed Theological School—a seminary—in the Philippines! That is a noteworthy statement! Here’s what more we know: Regarding the school, the first week was completed. Classes were taught as scheduled on Tuesday through Friday mornings. Bro. Jeremiah Pascual seemed to enjoy his first week as a seminary student and seems glad to be underway with training. Our missionaries are too! Rev. D. Holstege teaches the class in Hermeneutics; Rev. D. Kleyn the classes in Homiletics and Church History, and Rev. R. Smit the classes in Greek and Reformed Dogmatics. All of the classes are held in the upstairs sanctuary of the Provident PRC church building in Marikina. There are also two pre-seminary students taking the New Testament Greek Grammar course: Bro. Ace Flores and Bro. Emmanuel Jasojaso. For a time there was discussion who could best teach Greek to Filipinos, an Aussie or a Canadian? We shall see.

The semester began on August 13 and will end in the week of final exams scheduled for December 10-13, the Lord willing. A one-week reading break for the students and instructors is scheduled from October 7-11. Daily devotions of 10-15 minutes are shared among the three instructors and student by alphabetical rotation. The student’s turn is on Thursday, while each instructor is assigned another day. Class instruction along with daily commutes of a total of about 2 1/2 hours to and from school in Marikina has filled up the missionaries’ days. They are busy men, an understatement for sure. May God provide the daily needs of all.

The Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines, through the decisions of the Maranatha consistory and Classical Committee 2, planned to send Rev. L. Trinidad to the CERC in Singapore to fill their pulpit and adminis­ter the Lord’s Supper on Sunday, September 8.

Minister activities

Immanuel PRC (Lacombe, Alberta) called Candidate Matthew Kortus, as did Hope PRC (Redlands, CA).

Grandville PRC called Rev. J. Engelsma (Doon, IA) to be the minister on loan to Singapore. Rev. Engelsma answered on August 18, revealing that God had led him to remain in Doon, IA PRC. While the saints in Doon were joyful at this news, we remember before God’s throne of grace the congregation in Singapore. We pray that God will soon send the man of His choosing to this sister congregation.

Southeast PRC (Grand Rapids) called Candidate J. Maatman.

It is likely that this month’s meetings of Classis East and Classis West will include student examinations.

On Wednesday, September 4, a special worship ser­vice for the installation of Rev. B. Huizinga as profes­sor of theology in the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary was held in Grandville PRC, with Prof. R. Cammenga leading the service. Seminary convocation was also included, with the students being introduced and a time of fellowship afterwards. The service was live-streamed on Grandville PRC’s Sermonaudio chan­nel. May God be with Prof. Huizinga in this time of transition! May the King of the Church be with our seminary students in their studies!

Congregational activities

From Byron Center, MI PRC comes this note: At a recent meeting our Council approved the request of those desiring to organize a daughter church and is forwarding this request to Classis East which will meet on September 11. There are 55 families, 17 individuals and a total of 215 souls that have signed to be part of this new church, which, if the Lord wills to be organized, will be named Unity Protestant Reformed Church. We thank our heavenly Father for His blessing upon this work. To God be the glory!

First PRC of Edmonton, AB, Canada held their an­nual church picnic on Saturday, August 24th. Lunch consisted of hamburgers and hot dogs with sides and drinks provided. Games were planned for the young and young at heart. All had a time of good fellowship.

Professor Robert Decker and his wife Marilyn made the trip to northwest Iowa recently to visit relatives there and to worship in his old stomping grounds at Doon PRC. It happened to be their 58th wedding anniversa­ry that day. It’s always good to see them. One of this writer’s first catechism teachers.

Young people’s activities

At the time of this writing the annual Young People’s Convention had just concluded. The weary travelers had returned home in safety. We are very glad for that! In talking to some of the conventioneers they spoke excitedly about the good time they had. Every minute of the long bus ride was worth it to be able to enjoy the week at the convention. The speeches were appreciated, the activities were exciting, the new and renewed friendships were priceless. Some spoke already of going to the convention again next summer. What a great place for the young people of our churches to enjoy one another’s company! Thanks to all who made it happen!

Trivia answer

The Latin phrase in loco parentis means “in the place of the parent.” This is often used to describe the place of the school teacher who labors many hours each day with students of all ages. In recent days and weeks our covenant schools have re-opened their doors to educate our children. We are especially mindful of godly teachers who labor in love for their students. We pray for them. May they not only impart knowledge, but godly wisdom to those they teach! We thank the men of the school boards who labor behind the scenes to keep our schools running smoothly! More trivia next ti